The Value of Congruence

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Value: Congruence 

Definition: Doing the things we say we should/will do. Making our actions prove out our claims: our yeas, yeas and our nays, nays. 

Vital Verses

  • “Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not theyself? Thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal?” – Romans 2:21
  • “And again he said unto them: If ye teach the law of Moses, why do ye not keep it? Why do ye set your hearts upon riches? Why do ye commit whoredoms and spend your strength with harlots, yea, and cause this people to commit sin, that the Lord has cause to send me to prophesy against the people, yea, even a great evil against this people?” – Mosiah 12:29

Scriptural Example 

There are many examples in the scriptures about Jesus teaching people to live in accordance with His teachings. A short example of this is with Mary and Martha. Jesus came to their house. Martha was flustered, trying to make sure everything was ready to be served to her guests, while Mary sat at Jesus’ feet, listening to Him. Martha tried to get Jesus to tell Mary to help her, but Jesus told her that Mary was doing the right thing by listening to Him and His teachings. 

Life Application 

We have all heard the common phrases, “practice what you preach” and “if you talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.”

I’m sure most of us have met someone who does not do what they say. For example, you want to get into shape and lose weight, so you sign up for personal training sessions at the gym. You meet your trainer, and he is more overweight and out of shape than you. Are you really going to want to pay money to be trained by him? Or if you go to a doctor and she tells you how important it is to eat healthy and not to smoke, but she smokes and eats poorly herself. How credible is that doctor? Why would you want to take her advice?

The same holds true to our walk with the Lord. We tell our friends, family, and even co-workers that we are a part of The Church of Jesus Christ, but do our actions always reflect that? Regardless of if you are a young person or a seasoned saint, it is imperative that our actions reflect the church’s beliefs. We want to live our lives in a way that pleases God and shines the light to others. We don’t want to just be Sunday saints — we want to be saints of the true and living God every day! 

Points to Ponder

  • Have you ever found that you tell someone not to do something but then do it yourself? (i.e. curse, gossip)
  • What’s more important, pleasing your family/friends or pleasing God?
  • Would you stand up for what you believe in even if you are the only one?

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