The Sisterhood of the Traveling Circle

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Today we’re pausing Miracle Monday to share a nice report from the General Ladies Uplift Circle (GLUC) written by Sister Gelsa Staley.

When Sister Lisa and I first became President and Vice President of the GLUC, we decided that it would be a good idea to travel to different Circles to encourage the sisters. We were off to a good start, going to Omaha, Nebraska — in the middle of winter! — and Columbus, Ohio. Then, life got in the way, and various other duties that required our attention as officers of the GLUC.

Recently, Sister Lisa and I decided that it would be nice for her to come to Florida when it was cold in Michigan and just visit with me and not do anything else. Sister Lisa was just going to have a nice little vaca. Well, the Lord had something else in mind.

Was it just a coincidence that the very same weekend that Sister Lisa was coming here the Atlanta Circle decided to invite the Quincy Circle to come and fellowship with them? I don’t think so. That heart for encouraging our sisters took over, and the next thing I knew we were on a road trip from Florida to Atlanta, Georgia.

We didn’t tell them we were coming, and on Saturday morning, we just showed up at Sister Kim Morle’s home. They were very surprised to see us, and the tears of joy from our sisters made facing the scary Atlanta traffic all worthwhile.

Sisterhood 1

We had a season of fellowship as only we ladies can, and we heard heartfelt testimonies of how the Lord brought many of our sisters through some terrible sicknesses and tragedies. The common thread in each and every testimony was the love of God and the love that was shown to them by the brothers and sisters.

Both Sister Lisa and I were thankful that we went, and Sister Lisa did get to enjoy some Florida sunshine before she went home to freezing cold weather — and no heat in her apartment! I pray that we will get many more opportunities to visit our sisters during our term as officers. I also pray that Sister Lisa allows me to keep the name The Sisterhood of the Traveling Circle, as I really like it.

God bless you till we meet again. You never know we may just show up at one of your Circle meetings.

Sisterhood 2

Needed! Lost and Found Miracles

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