Simple Sentiments Instead of Seasonal Slogans

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Christmas, Devotional | 3 comments


When it comes to the holidays, there are hundreds of songs and sayings that seem to get stuck in our heads. You know the kind: “Don’t get your tinsel in a tassel,” and “Merry everything!”

What if, instead of getting caught up in the retail world’s slogans and watered-down approach to the Christmas season, we focused our attention and thoughts on the things above?

One of my favorite songs is “I Pray on Christmas.” The lyrics are simple:

I pray on Christmas
That the Lord will see me through
I pray on Christmas
He’ll show me what to do

I pray on Christmas
He’ll help me understand
And I pray on Christmas
He’ll take me by the hand

I pray on Christmas
That the sick will soon be strong
I pray on Christmas
The Lord will hear my song

I pray on Christmas
That God will lead the way
And I pray on Christmas
He’ll get me through another day

I pray on Christmas
All our problems gonna be worked out
I pray on Christmas
God’ll show us what love’s about

I pray on Christmas
To do your will each day
And I pray on Christmas
That I’ll be with you in heaven some day

Christ was born in a stable, not a five-star hotel. His young mother wrapped Him in a cozy blanket and thanked God for His precious gift to the world. Visitors came to see Him, but I’m sure still didn’t quite understand who He was or what His life would mean.

But, like His entrance into the world — and His perfect gospel — Christ isn’t about making things complicated. He arrived in the humblest of manners and left that way, too.

So, when we think about Christmas, shouldn’t we focus on the same? Forget all the gifts and the hustle-bustle stress of it all. Take the approach that the song lyrics suggest. Pray on Christmas for His guidance, understanding, and help.

Spend time focusing on simple sentiments instead of seasonal slogans.

Click here to enjoy listening to “I Pray on Christmas.”

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  1. Brother Gary Thompson

    I can’t believe how good of a song that is, I wasn’t expecting that at all. Thanks Sister, great article too. JESUS is good 24/7/365

  2. Christina DiCenzo

    That is one of my families favorite Christmas songs! We just love Harry, Jesus, and you-for this reminder-to play it & to enjoy the season praising our Lord in song!

  3. Linda Reynolds

    This. is. Beautiful. Thank you for posting it !!


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