How Wonderful to Be on God’s Side

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Today’s Miracle Monday is from the pages of the March 1951 issue of The Gospel News, and it records the testimony of Sister Vicky Calabrese.

Bro. Editor: I’m writing today as I should have done long ago, to thank all the brothers and sisters that remembered me in their prayers, and sent me such beautiful and encouraging cards.

On Nov. 26 I tried to light our gas furnace and it exploded in my face. I was severely burned and spent one week in the hospital. I know if it was not for the hand of God, I would not be here today, and I know it was not through my worthiness but through prayer meetings and countless prayers in my behalf. As a result the Dr. even was amazed at my quick recovery. I have no scars whatsoever which is hard for me to believe. I was completely unrecognizable, but now no one would ever know that I was burned.

All this has taught me something I never realized before. How wonderful it is to be on God’s side where all His saints join in showing their love for anyone who needs a helping hand. I repeat, Thank you and God bless the brothers and sisters everywhere. I don’t know what I would have done without them. How good and kind God has been to me! I will in turn try, to the best of my ability to serve Him all of my days. I ask all the saints to pray for me that I will always be a faithful follower of Christ, and I will remember all of the saints likewise.

Miracles Old and New

It’s wonderful to read testimonies from the past and realize that God is the same today! If you’d like to share something wonderful that He’s done for you — recent or not — please click here to send it to us.

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