Angels and an ATV

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Today’s Miracle Monday is the first that answers our March theme question, “How did God protect you in or from an accident?” This story comes to us from Wesley Griffith from the Forest Hills Branch, Florida.

I have always loved riding my 4-wheeler (ATV). I would come home from school and want to drive through the trails in my wooded backyard. I know the trails well, and at the back of our property line, there is a barbed wire fence.

Two years ago, I was in the woods riding by myself. At the back of the property, there is a right turn, because if you went straight, you would run right into the barbed wire fence. Well, that’s literally what happened. I knew I was supposed to turn right, but the thin barbed wire fence blended in with the woods behind it, so I couldn’t see it and kept going straight, thinking I would turn right a little further down.

I saw the fence at the last minute and crashed into it. There were two wires, one on top and one on the bottom. My 4-wheeler took out the bottom wire, but the top wire stayed intact. It ended up clothes-lining me and I was hanging off the 4-wheeler on my back, tangled and stuck.

The fence was now entangled with my shirt and I couldn’t get free. No one in my family was outside to hear me, and I didn’t have my phone to call anyone. The whole time, I’m praying to God, asking him to spare me and get me out of this situation. I started to pull at my shirt, seeing if I could free myself from the wire. The fact that the wire caught my shirt was a miracle in itself, because the wire could’ve cut my neck. After a few minutes of tugging, the shirt started to unravel and finally came loose and freed me from the wire.

I just have to give thanks to God for keeping me safe, because a lot of things could’ve went very wrong. After going into the house and telling my parents what happened, we thanked God that I only had cuts and scrapes and that I was OK. I testified about this in church, and my dad had an experience where the Word of the Lord came forth saying, “Mine angels were with you, thus saith the Lord.” I truly believe that. 

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  1. Linda Scolaro

    What a beautiful experience, Wesley. God loves you! Thanks for sharing.


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