An Important Dream in My Life

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Today’s Miracle Monday first appeared in the December 1946 issue of The Gospel News. It’s an experience of Brother Russell Cadman.

When I was about fifteen years of age, I had a dream in which I saw my father reciting from the Bible, or telling the meaning of the things that it contained. My mother sat in a chair in front of my father with a Bible in her lap, checking his interpretation and finding that he was right. Also, there were two men, who appeared to me as angels who kept nodding their heads that my father was right.

My sister, Jean, and I appeared as little children in my dream. I do not understand this to mean only that the interpretation by my father was correct, but he also acted as a representative of the true Church, and he was correct in interpreting the teachings of Christ.

This dream has always abided with me and has meant a great deal to me. Although I stayed away from the Church until I was twenty-nine years old, it has shown me what was right.

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