Am I Worthy?

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Devotional | 1 comment

Throughout our lives, so many of us have questioned ourselves.

Are we pretty/handsome enough? 

Are we cool enough? 

Are we smart enough? 

Are we skilled enough? 

All those things, although they probably seem really important in the moment of asking, are irrelevant in the large scheme of life. Scripture says we are to “walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God” (Colossians 1:10).

So, the real question we should be asking is about worthiness. (And then take action to do something about it if there is any doubt.)

Are we worthy of the Lord’s love?

Are we worthy that Jesus Christ died for us?

Are we worthy to call ourselves the sons and daughters of God?

So, is there any doubt? 

I’ll be honest. I don’t think I am worthy of the blessings, the answered prayers, the comfort, or the joy I have received in my life from the Lord. But He is worthy of praise. And I’m going to do my very best to thank God for everything He has given me and be as faithful and grateful a servant as I can be.

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  • Sister Stefanie Callens

    Sister Stefanie lives in beautiful Colorado, where winter is not as bad as everyone thinks, with husband Chris, two beautiful daughters, and Jersey the dog.

1 Comment

  1. Fran Vancour

    I really enjoyed reading it. For I was in the same place myself not to long ago. And I really appreciate this Gospel Blog. Thank for making this happen.


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