I’ll Praise God Forever

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It’s been a long time since I’ve heard No. 84 in The Songs of Zion, but I awoke to it the morning after praying that God would inspire me with an article. I began to read the words and realized that what I was singing wasn’t the first verse but the second. As I read it, I thought about its meaning.

“I’ll praise God forever,
my scales have been lifted,
He’s given my eyes sight,
the shadows are gone.”

When I read this, I felt that on the day I was baptized, my scales were lifted and my eyes were given sight. Just as I could naturally see when I was born, I truly saw the Lord’s will and direction starting the day I was spiritually born. I thought about what the shadows might mean. I think they are what we see prior to being baptized. There were definitely times where I felt the touch and direction of the Lord, but I wasn’t yet fully engaged. These were times where the light was shining brightly through, which caused shadows to form. These were glimpses of what life with the Lord would be like, and I’ll praise God forever that I can see clearly now!

“For there lies my country,
my homeland awaits me,
The highway that takes me there
beckons me on.”

When my eyes were truly opened, I was able to see the plan of God and really understand the hope we have in Christ and for the future. The homeland destination is clear, whether it’s Zion if I’m able to see it, or Paradise if I’m called home before then. I need to take my journey there along the highway, which I believe is none other than the straight and narrow path that Nephi speaks about early on in the Book of Mormon. It beckons me to continue without stopping until I reach the ultimate destination.

“And when I lie dreaming,
I walk her green valleys,
And stand on the mountains
of Zion’s blest sod.
And all thru the night hours
I hear Israel singing,
While walking the highways
returning to God.”

I’m not there yet, but I can see what the homeland looks like in my dreams. We read about it in scripture and sing about it in this and many of the other songs in the same hymnal. We know that it’s going to be a beautiful place. And, as the song finishes, we know through the promises of scripture that Israel will be gathered. They will make their way back into the presence of the God of their fathers, and they will understand who Jesus is and what He did for them. And they will accept Him as their Lord and Savior. I’ll praise God forever!

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