A Month of Unbroken Fasting and Prayer

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Today’s Miracle Monday is a follow-up from Sister Mary Ann Heaps on a special fasting and prayer effort that occurred in her branch.

“This is the confidence we have in him: that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us.” (1 John 5:14)

In reading the above scripture, do we think to ourselves, “According to His will … It would sound more assuring if that phrase was left out.” Is that phrase inserted to bring doubt as we pray, thinking it may not be His will, or does it give us more determination to pray with greater faith in knowing He can and will grant us our desire?

I’d like to give an update on the 24 hours of perpetual fasting and praying that the Forest Hills Branch conducted in September 2018. Each person committed to 24 hours of fasting and praying, starting with a phone call to pass on the prayer torch to the next prayer warrior. We did not break the chain for 31 days, resulting in a mighty prayer-a-thon.

The Lord in His loving mercy heard our prayers (according to His will) and answered in His ways, and we were blessed beyond all expectation.

Below are the many ways Jesus changed lives through prayer.

1. A sister was undergoing a serious eye surgery which could go either way, successful for eyesight or not successful, requiring more surgeries, and in time the disease would take her sight. Praise God, our prayers were answered. Thank you, Lord, for your miracle!

2. A sister went for further testing regarding cancer remission. Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful outcome! God is so good!

3. A sister was delivered from domestic violence. After several months of being homeless with children, she has an apartment, necessary furniture, a good job, and the Lord resides in her home. This sister is diligent as a single parent bringing her small children to Sunday school and church every week. His will is beyond our limits. He takes care of His children. God is our awesome God.

4. During the month of September, two brothers were diagnosed with cancer. We didn’t stop praying for them. Praise God, after their chemo and radiation treatments, they are free of the cancer cells. As they are recovering strength, we continue to pray and praise our Almighty God!

5. The 6-year-old son of our brother and sister in Christ experienced a ruptured appendix. He was rushed to the hospital, and upon completion of the surgery, the doctors announced everything went well, and the infection did not spread elsewhere. Does Jesus love His children?

6. A brother and his son became homeless and without a job. God, in His loving mercy, provided a home and a job for this humble brother and son. It didn’t happen overnight, but with the persistent prayers and love during our September month, God’s will was answered in His way and time. Are our patience, faith, and trust put into action as we persist? These answered prayers strengthen us, and we thank God for reinforcing our patience.

7. We praise God for the two souls that came to Jesus during our month of fasting. Brother Sam Allen Risola and Sister Victoria Martinez called for their baptisms. Prayers were presented many months in advance without ceasing. The Lord chose to respond to our persistency when it was His will. We praise God for reminding us that prayers are answered according to His will. Welcome to the family of God Brother Sam and Sister Victoria. We love you.

Does our Lord reveal His love and acceptance when we pray with humility, sincerity, love, and patience? Thank you, Jesus, for the gifts of encouragement and confirmation to each one of us. You are our advocate and propitiation for our sins. You feel our sincere humble prayers as we strive for more righteousness, and you rewarded us with a vision of hope.

God gave young Allen Griffith the following vision on September 23, 2018: Young Allen saw Christ on a path, and He looked at the congregation and said, “Leave your bags and come to me.”

How Has God Answered Your Prayers?

Do you have a testimony of how you fasted and prayed and God responded? We’d love to hear about how you stepped out on faith and the Lord did the work! Click here to share with us.

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  1. Sharon Sloan

    This was a blessing to read.


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