Weathering the Storm With God

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Today’s Miracle Monday is a testimony of God’s protection submitted by Brother Tony Micale.

This past month has been anything but normal. The Lord is surely showing us that we are in the latter days as the scriptures tell us — fires in California, earthquakes in Japan and Mexico, three major hurricanes with record destruction. The pain and suffering is felt everywhere. I truly believe this is a wake-up call to the nations. If there ever was a call to prepare and get closer to God, then it is now.

Here in Cape Coral, Florida, the Lord was merciful, and no one was injured by the hurricane, but all our members felt much displacement and suffering. Many went without power for up to 10 days and had no running water. Others, such as my family, had to leave and go north to escape the storm.

Many of our members went to safer homes of members and friends, and one family was able to stay at the church. The Lord kept the power on at the church, and only the metal patio on the side of the building was damaged. We praise God for His protection of our members, homes, and the church building. The members showed the love of God, as each did what they could to help each other and stay in touch, and we cannot thank God enough for those who went out of their way to help. Times like these show the love and unity we feel as brothers and sisters in Christ. God is good all the time.

It will take a while to get back to normal, if there is such a thing any longer, and we put our trust in God.

I am sure as we all get back together we will hear all the wonderful experiences that everyone had in getting through the ordeal.

I would like to relate the experience Sister Lydia and I had as we drove by car back to New Jersey. The airlines were full, and we were forced to drive. The day before we left, the car started to make a banging noise under the front fender. After visually inspecting it, we could not see what was causing it. Everything looked fine.

Knowing we would be driving this car to go up north, we were very concerned. We prayed that the Lord would take care of it. The noise stopped, and we thanked God.

The next day, we drove for 12 hours. We arrived in North Carolina and stayed in a hotel. Early the next morning, we continued our drive. About 45 minutes after getting on the road, we heard this extreme banging under the front fender, and the flat tire light came on, and we smelled burning rubber.

Thank God, we looked to our right, and there was a gas station in front of us. Praise God — at anytime during the 12 hours yesterday that tire could have blown and left us in a bad place with no help.

We pulled slowly into the gas station, and as we got out of the car to check the damage, a young man was standing there looking at me. I asked him, “Can you help me?” He said, “Yes, sir, I can.” He was an angel sent from God to us.

I asked if he could get me a tire for this car, which are hard to find, and he told me, “No problem; there is a major supplier about 25 minutes away.” He went and got it for us — unbelievable. Come to find out later that he was not scheduled to be at work until much later, but he misread his schedule. We know the Lord was in the matter.

When we took off the tire, we were in shock. The entire back side of the tire was completely torn apart. Here’s a picture:

Tire Tony Micale

We had been riding on that tire since before we left Florida but could not see the damage on the inside wall of the tire. In a short time, the tire was replaced, and we continued our trip, praising God for His protection. He heard our prayer before we left to take care of the problem. We are very thankful.

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  1. Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Wow! What an impressive experience! That picture was very effective in detailing the dangerous situation you were in. Thank God for His protection!


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