Three Miracles in Two Weeks

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We hope that you enjoyed reading articles from The Gospel News throughout January 2021. Weren’t they great?

Now, we’re bringing you the first new Miracle Monday of the year. Today, Brother Gary Thompson shares a healing that happened to him at the beginning of January.

Actually, it isn’t one healing but three!

Today, we’re bringing you part one. Check back next Monday for part two.

To my fellow brothers and sisters and to all our friends, I love you very much, but God loves you so much more. God reminded me of His great love a few weeks ago, and I want to testify of His goodness.

I work midnights at a grocery store and was nearly done with my particular aisle for the night. I reached down to lift a case off the floor, and on my way down, I pulled a muscle in my neck.

It was one of the most horrific pains I’ve ever had in my life.

Almost immediately after the pain struck me, the thought came to my mind that we have a fast-and-prayer meeting scheduled for later that morning. I was comforted by the fact that I could get anointed and all would be well.

(Notice how I said “fact”?) This was one of the strongest “Faith” moments I’ve ever had in my life, and it came out of nowhere.

I just knew without a doubt that God would take care of the pain. I finished up the last few hours of work in terrific pain but was able to make it home.

A few hours later, when I arrived at the fast-and-prayer meeting at the Creekside Branch in Michigan, I felt better upon entering the building but not 100 percent. I told the presiding elder that I needed to be anointed, and then we started the prayer service. The meeting was beautiful with amazing prayers offered from the heart.

It was while we were praying that the first of the three miracles happened: I was able to kneel with no pain.

Aside from the neck pain, I had been dealing with a boil on my right knee for quite a few days and hadn’t been able to kneel without sensitive, extreme pain. I didn’t even realize I was kneeling on both knees until a sister pointed it out. (The boil finally came to a head and was no longer an issue.)

Praise God because, one, I can kneel while praying, and, two, because it makes my job a whole lot easier if I can kneel!

What about Brother Gary’s neck? Tune in next Monday for the rest of the story.

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  1. Joyce Smith

    Praise God! He knows our individual needs.

  2. Linda Scolaro

    Thank you for sharing this miraculous story.

  3. Anonymous



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