The Time I Trusted

by | May 18, 2021 | Devotional | 5 comments


The title of this blog is somewhat silly, isn’t it? The “time” I trusted? Just once? Shouldn’t it be “times” plural?

Hold that thought. 

I have shared my testimony about God providing for me (and our family) in the past. Reading others’ testimonies of how He opened doors has always been a source of strength for me. And now, I hope this is for you, too. 

In the summer of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, I decided it was time to start looking for a new job. The small marketing agency I worked at didn’t feel right for the long haul, and so I began applying to various writing jobs at other companies. Here’s how the next six months went:

Interview 1: Natalie thinks she did great and the hiring manager says she wishes she could hire Natalie on the spot. A few weeks later, Natalie is ghosted and never hears back from the hiring manager. 

[Natalie is confused and frustrated. How could someone just leave her hanging like that?]

Interview 2: Natalie interviews with a company that says she is more than qualified, but they’ve decided to offer the position to another candidate. 

[Natalie cries. A lot. Somehow she wasn’t enough. Someone else was better.]

Interview 3: Natalie lands an interview thanks to a recommendation from a current employee of the company. Natalie is confident this is the job for her. But wait…Natalie finds out she didn’t get it after all. 

[Natalie doesn’t understand. Her qualifications check all the boxes. She had an excellent recommendation. She passed the writing test with flying colors. What more do they need?]

Interview 4: Natalie knows she’s got this one in the bag. This job is hers. It’s writing about animals…what could be more enjoyable? You guessed it…Natalie wasn’t picked for this one, either. 

[Natalie is at her lowest of low. Nobody wants Natalie. She’s exhausted from applying, interviewing, and taking writing tests only to find out she isn’t getting the job.]

Have you ever felt like this? Admittedly, it wasn’t something I was used to. No, no, no

In the last week of 2020, I decided enough was enough. Something had to change. I couldn’t keep going through this disappointment and endure any more feelings of failure. So, I decided to choose my “Word of the Year” for 2021 and stop trying to figure this out on my own. 

I chose trust

Come January 1, I was giving this new job search over to the One with all the puzzle pieces in His hands completely

My prayers changed. Instead of, “Lord, please give me the words to say in this interview,” they became more specific: “Lord, please open the right door for me and make it crystal clear. I don’t want to be confused. Help me trust Your timing and Your plan.” 

You’d think that after nearly 20 years in the gospel I’d understand what it meant to trust in the Lord. He had brought me through so many things in my life that it should just be a given, right? And yet, in His perfect way, He had a lesson for me.

Four weeks later, I had an interview scheduled with yet another company. I decided to approach it differently—no expectations, no high hopes, no “what ifs.” I put my trust fully in the Lord. 

The initial interview went great. And a week later, so did the next one. A week after that? Yep, that one went well, too. And, six days later, I received a job offer.

The company name? InfoTrust. The benefits? Too wonderful to list. The thanksgiving I felt? Indescribable.

He used my word. He reminded me (yet again) that He can be trusted. He answered my prayers and then some. When I looked back, the other jobs all paled in comparison to this one. He had the right one for me all along. I just needed to be patient and put my trust in Him. There were no doubts when accepting this role because I knew He heard my cry. 

The words, “God’s way is the best way…God’s way is the right way…I’ll trust in Him always*, He knoweth the best,” became my permanent anthem. 

Just one more time He proved He is good…all the time. In confusing seasons, in waiting seasons, in #alltheseasons. 

*There’s that plural 😉

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

This article has undergone ministry review and approval.



  1. Sharon Sloan

    God’s Way is always the best way. 👌

  2. Kim Morle

    Great testimony! Always trust in him!

  3. Ruth Batson

    My favorite word also! Thank you for allowing me to take that journey with you 😊

  4. Lydia zaino

    Thank you for sharing this. A great reminder to trust in the Lord for all things .

  5. Dora Armstrong

    Sorry you had to go through all the rejections but what a wonderful testimony it turned out to be! Thanks for sharing this. It will certainly be a reminder when we go through our own rejection(s) that we need to trust in the Lord and His plan.


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