The Importance of Routine

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It’s no secret that I’m a strict routine follower. I’ve written before about my type-A personality and planning to a fault. I often wonder how I’d operate without my calendar close at hand. And don’t get me started on list-making — friends chuckle when they see the pleasure I find in rewriting them and crossing things off the endless to-dos.

As a new mom, it’s more important than ever that I abide by a routine. We’re more likely to get a good night’s rest if we keep things exactly as we did the night before: playtime, dimming the lights in the house, bath time, bottle before bed, extra cozy pajamas and cuddles. The routine helps our son fall asleep at a normal hour and assures us he gets the rest he needs.

Routines help everyone stay on track. There’s less room for error and forgetfulness when you do the same thing over and over. It becomes part of you, and you’ve created a habit that needs to be done — brushing your teeth, packing your lunch, etc.

Some may argue that having a routine with the Lord isn’t a good thing, that repeating things time and again doesn’t allow us to grow. But, I like to think having a routine with the Lord is a wonderful thing.

Saying a prayer every morning when you get up? That should be the first item on your list.

Opening your Bible or Book of Mormon on your lunch break? Make that second.

Whispering another prayer or two on your afternoon walk? That’s number three.

Attending a mid-week service? You guessed it — number four.

Numbers five and six? How about calling a brother or sister who needs a pick-me-up. And when you’re finished, read the verse of the day on your TCOJC app.

And, of course, number seven goes without saying: put on your Sunday best and start your week the best way possible — worshipping Him.

See? Routines don’t have to be monotonous; you don’t have to wade through them like mud. Some routines can actually have the opposite effect, like washing your face at the end of the day (am I right ladies?) or getting a good workout in to stay healthy.

The Lord tells us to “pray without ceasing,” “love thy neighbor,” and “forgive.” To me, those are things we must actively do over and over and over again. He knew we’d have to practice things a few times (OK, maybe a lot!) before it would become like clockwork for us.

Make God part of your routine, and He’ll always be at the top of your list.

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  • Sister Natalie Shawver

    Sister Natalie is a proud Cincinnati girl who is never without a good book, cup of tea or husband Brother Justin, and favorite sidekick son Graham.


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