The Golden Tree and the Gift

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Today’s Miracle Monday comes from the pages of the February 1948 issue of The Gospel News, originally titled, “A Vision,” written by Sister Marietta Ruzzi.

On Thursday December 11, ’47 while lhe Ladies Uplift Circle was united in fasting and prayer at the Divine Church, Detroit, I saw the following vision:

“I saw a beautiful tree which stood right in front of the pulpit, where the sacrament table stands. This tree was all gold, even the leaves and the fruit were gold, and its brightness was beyond description.

The branches of this tree extended from one wall to the other, and the height of it was to the ceiling.

In front of this tree stood a man, whose brightness was brighter than the noon-day sun. He had a beautiful smile on his face, and it astonished me immensely to see the wonderful splendor of him.

After I beheld this tree and this man, I noticed at the right side entrance of the building, the ministers of The Church of Jesus Christ were entering; each of them was walking up to the front to meet this man who stood in front of the beautiful tree, where he already had his arms outstretched to welcome them.

He then greeted the Ministers by shaking their hands, and while doing so, he placed something shiny in their hands. I could not see what it was, but it was something very brilliant. After the man placed it in their hands, they would clasp their hands very tight, and lifted their eyes towards heaven as they walked away from him having a beautiful smile on their faces.”

On Sunday morning, I beheld this same experience when the young people sang before the opening of the service.

Editor’s Note: Let’s thank God that our ministry is blessed by Jesus Christ. Why not pray for the ministry in your branch today, asking that Jesus gives them what they need to accomplish the work He’s given them to do?

This article has undergone ministry review and approval.



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