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My grandparents just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Seventy years! My husband and I are celebrating seven years, and that seems like a long time. I cannot imagine 10 times as long!

But more impressively than being married for that long is that they have served God side by side since before getting married. As far as I know, they never swayed in their service to the Lord. Such a wonderful example for us all to follow.

Marriage takes work. We can’t just sit back and expect it to be like in the movies, with the honeymoon stage all the time. We need to communicate with our spouse when something is bothering us. We need to participate in the marriage, planning dates, checking in throughout the day, showing attention.

The same goes with our relationship with God.

It takes work. We can’t just get baptized and sit back and expect our strong bond to stay solid. We need to check in daily and communicate with the Lord all the time — about the good and the bad things in life. We need to plan to spend time serving Him, whether it’s reading scripture, going to church events, or attending conference or branch activities. We need to participate in our service to the Lord.

Just like any relationship that has been regularly nurtured, it will stand the test of time.

Now you: What is one thing you can do to take better care of your relationship with the Lord?

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  • Sister Stefanie Callens

    Sister Stefanie lives in beautiful Colorado, where winter is not as bad as everyone thinks, with husband Chris, two beautiful daughters, and Jersey the dog.


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