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Today’s Miracle Monday is from Sister Tina Rich from the Atlanta Branch. She responds to our request for testimonies about how God provided jobs in times of need.

In July 2018, I resigned from my job to re-establish our home after a house fire took everything. It had taken a year to rebuild, and toward the end, it proved too difficult to work five days a week and to try to meet with contractors, sub-contractors, and furniture delivery people on a regular basis to get the house finished.

I took time off to not only get my house back to normal but to strengthen my relationship with God. For a while, I had been bothered by the fact that I hadn’t been studying scripture as I should, that I wasn’t giving all that I could to God, and I wanted that to change.

Now that I didn’t have the distraction of work, it was an excellent opportunity, and I took advantage. I walked every day and listened to Brother Jerry Valenti’s Wednesday-night lessons on The Book of Mormon on YouTube. I spent a lot of time praying and thanking God for every blessing.

When it was time to start looking for a job, I asked God to find me a job that wouldn’t take me away from him again. I didn’t want to decide on a job; I wanted God to decide. Every job I had ever picked out turned out to be miserable! I dreaded going to work every day, and after a couple of years, I would quit and find another miserable job. I decided to put my faith and trust in God, no matter what.

This turned out to be a test of my faith and patience. For eight months I looked for a job and applied for jobs and prayed. Jobs that I should have easily gotten, I was rejected for. One job that I was certain was from God, a job which checked off every item on MY list of needs, at the last minute was given to someone else. I prayed more, because now I was confused. Why God? Wasn’t that job from you? Wasn’t that job perfect for me? Nothing.

In February 2020, I got an email for a job that I had applied for in December 2019. I laughed because of all the jobs I had applied for, I was the least qualified for this one! There was no way I was getting this job, but I put my faith in God. The day of the interview — which I was sure was a mistake and they were going to tell me it had already been filled — I prayed that God’s will be done. It turned out to be a real job and an excellent interview, and out of 67 people, I got the job. When I got to my car, I prayed and thanked God because this job not only checked off everything on my list, it had other benefits I hadn’t thought of! When I told God that I had thought the other job was perfect, but I was wrong, I heard Him say, “I can give you so much more.”

But God’s blessing didn’t stop there! Because I had only been on the job for two weeks when Covid-19 started making news, I thought for sure that I would be let go. There was no way they could keep me; I was too new. But I never lost faith in God. I knew I would be OK somehow.

Not only did I keep my job, I am being paid my full salary to stay home. I work for a few hours on Wednesday mornings to support my co-workers who are working from home, but that is it. They have also made it possible for me to take online courses, which are paid for, to further my career. Usually this is done after the one-year probationary period but they are making an exception for me. God is so good! This is my testimony, but none of this is my doing. This isn’t happening because of my personality or my ability — this is all God. In a world where millions found themselves out of work practically overnight, God has provided for me. I praise God every day and pray for the millions who are in need.

This article has undergone ministry review and approval.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, this was so uplifting. When I read the words the Lord spoke to you I was in tears. Such a blessing!!


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