Today, we’re bringing you another dream-themed Miracle Monday, this time from Sister Marie (Kimmel) Fallavollitti. Enjoy!

My son, Joseph, was about 3 years old and liked to play outside in an area of our backyard where the ground had a deep indentation. For some time, this troubled me, but he especially liked playing with a little shovel and dump truck on this area, so I ignored my concern.

One evening, I had this vivid dream in which my son was playing and suddenly the ground caved in, and he fell into a deep hole. I could see him crying at the bottom of what was a well, a very old construction made of irregular stone. There was no way for me to rescue him, so I cried out to God for help.

Immediately, a policeman appeared and threw a rope ladder into the opening and rescued Joseph.

I awoke and told my husband to check the yard first thing in the morning. He took a shovel, and as he began to tap the ground, just like in my dream, the ground fell in, and an old, very deep well appeared. There was no cover, only the dirt above it had been covering it all this time. Praise God for his protection over my son. What could have been a terrible accident was prevented.

March Miracle Monday Theme: Big Decisions

Next month, we want to feature stories that showcase how God helped you make a big life decision, whatever that might be for you — marriage, baptism, career, school, relocating, medical decisions. Click here to contribute to Miracle Monday.

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  1. Anonymous

    where was this (town & state)?

  2. Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Wow!! That is truly amazing how God worked! I love these experiences!! Thank you for sharing.


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