No Storm Is Stronger Than the Savior

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Spring may be here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that wacky weather is behind you. If you’re still experiencing the odd snowstorm or crazy downpour, here are the last of our weather-related Miracle Mondays to encourage you!

Submitted by Sister Karen Pezzenti

Youngstown, Ohio had one of its worst winter blizzards in 1978. One day, after the snow wouldn’t stop falling and the wind wouldn’t stop blowing, I left the hospital in Salem, where I worked, and began my drive home, which was full of winding country roads without any streetlights.

As I began to drive, the snow fell onto my windshield, making it impossible to see. I was the only car on this dark road, and I was afraid of getting stuck in the snow, especially with no one around to help me. As I clenched the wheel, I began to pray aloud, asking the Lord to please help me to get up the upcoming high hill.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, at the moment when I began to drive up the hill, a car appeared in front of me. This was the only other car on the winding, snow-filled country road. The taillights were the only part of the car that I could see. This car led the way until it came to a stop at a red light one block from my home.

As the light turned green, I turned left and the car that I followed continued straight ahead. I looked up as I watched it drive away, and it disappeared. God sent someone — an angel in my mind — to lead the way in the middle of the blizzard just for me. I will always remember this experience with a grateful heart.

Submitted by Sister Donna Bogle

Last summer, my husband and I contracted a roofing job for our garage in June but due to a rainy month, the job was delayed until July. The night before a horrible storm, the contractor had removed and covered the old roof, and there was a dumpster already in the yard.

It was around 1 am when my husband calmly woke me to tell me the basement was flooding. Our two sump pumps could not keep up with the water that was rising from the floor drains. Dressed in summer clothes and snow boots, we waded through the polluted water that surrounded us.

For over three hours, we bailed out the basement by filling kitchen trash cans with water and climbing eight or nine outside concrete basement steps to pour the trash cans of water down the driveway. We begged God to stop the rain. It slowed at times but never stopped. God gave us strength to work as a team through the night. Much of what was stored in the basement was ruined.

You may ask, “Where is the miracle?” There were several!

We were drenched and didn’t feel cold. Due to the darkness, we didn’t discover until morning that the concrete stairs were covered with leaves. We carried large trashcans of water over those stairs countless times without slipping or falling. We are both in our 50s and neither of us is large or muscular in stature. We didn’t experience any physical injury. Also, the dumpster was there, already prepared for us to discard our ruined possessions. And, to our astonishment, our son Jacob slept through it all!

God prepared us for this storm as He has for other storms in our lives. He reminded us that He will see us through each one if we trust in Him. Every time it rains, it’s our reminder of what God did for us and to never give up.

Submitted by Sister Carmela Gray

At one time, I had a swing on my front porch. My husband loved sitting there listening to it rain. One time, late in the evening, he asked me to sit on the swing with him. The rain began to fall into the porch at a sharp angle, so I said, “Lord, make the rain fall straight down,” and immediately the rain did just that! It was a very blessed evening for us. Sometimes when my requests are simple and childlike in trust, He grants them quickly. I stand amazed at His awesome greatness!

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