No Matter How Many Times You Fall

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Our August Miracle Monday theme is “help in difficult times.” Today, we’re reposting an article from May 16, 2013, and it’s actually a story printed in the July 2000 issue of the Gospel News. This is a dream had by Brother Mark Cotellesse.

One night, I was very sad because I was struggling to grow closer to the Lord and having a difficult time. I suddenly had a desire not only to pray for myself, but for all the struggling young people in the Church. I prayed with my whole heart and soul.

When I fell asleep, I had the following dream. I dreamed that all the young people were in a field. I saw Jesus, and in front of Him was the side of a mountain. He started running up the mountain with no problem.

The young people started to run after Him, but the mountain was very muddy and slippery. The more we tried to climb the mountain, the more we would slip and fall.

Finally, I found myself drained of energy. I could not move a muscle to climb the mountain. I fell in the mud and I could not go on. I had no more power.

At that moment, I saw Jesus running back down the mountain. He picked me up and said, “You can make it. I will help you.”

The whole point of this experience is that it doesn’t matter how low you are or how down you are if you try your hardest and trust in the Lord. No matter how many times you fall, if you are sincere in your desire to serve Him, He will pick you back up and help you the rest of the way.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Can you share a story about how God helped you through a difficult time? Job loss, illness, heartbreak … Jesus is with us through it all. If you have a story to tell, please submit it here or email it to us

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