Miracle Monday Flashback: Neverending Pasta

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This month, we’re replaying some of the Miracle Mondays of the past that have received the highest number of hits on the blog website. Today’s is from Nov. 3, 2013, and it was submitted by Sister KarenJo Pandone. It’s a testimony transcribed from the journal of her father, Brother Joseph Milantoni.

December 26, 1970

Rose, Karen & I left the house for Muncey in my Plymouth. Leonard Lovalvo, David Majoris, Ken Staley & Joe Cotellesse followed in Leonard’s car. Today was our annual dinner at the Mission. Bro Sam & Sis Theresa Palermo were supplying the dinner. Sunday School was jammed with approximately 100 adults & kids. After Sunday School we began preparing for the dinner. Used the apartment to cook & set up the food, had an awful time with the plugs – we kept blowing fuses. Dinner was rigatonis, ham & roast beef. Didn’t look like we were going to have enough food, the Palermo’s had brought 12 lbs of cooked pasta. It was almost done and there were still quite a few to feed. Sis Maness looked at the few remaining rigatonis & told Sis Theresa Palermo they were about to run out. Sis Maness than began to stir the macaroni and as she did the miracle of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes reoccurred. The pan was suddenly filled to the brim. What a beautiful experience of God’s love for the poor among men! The whole afternoon was a complete delight. Young and old, Lamanite and Gentile, all eating, socializing and working together. There was a lot of music with Ken Staley playing the piano and all our girls singing.

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  1. Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Undoubtedly the food that was fed that day was greater than the pasta that was ingested. Truly a beautiful experience!


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