In the Name of Jesus

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Jesus. There is great power in His name. It’s something my husband and I have taught our children at a very young age. When they would wake up from a bad dream, they would come into our room crying. We taught them very young that whenever that happened, all they ever needed to do was to say Jesus’ name.

We talked about how the evil one shrinks away at the sound of His name. We wanted them to always feel the power of the Lord by knowing that they had the power given to them and could scare away the evil one. All it took was one word — Jesus. They always found such great comfort in this.

This reminds me of the time God became very real to me. At the young age of 10, I remember driving in the car with my parents and two sisters. It was dark, and my sisters and I had fallen asleep. We awoke to my youngest sister, Melanie, screaming and pointing. As a child, it was frightening to witness, and we didn’t know what was happening.

My mom tried calming her down but we all knew something was wrong. My other sister and I started to cry because we were scared. My dad was trying to drive, and I remember how calm he was. My mom had Melanie take off her seat belt and crawl over to her. All the while, she was still screaming and pointing everywhere in fear.

My dad, the late Brother Tim Capone, very calmly rebuked the evil spirit, and I witnessed my sister go from screaming and being in complete fear to stopping immediately and a peace coming over her, our car, and all of us.

In that moment, in hearing the Lord being called out by His name, I witnessed the Lord’s power. I knew the power that was held in His name.

How awesome our Lord is! How beautiful His name is!

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow! What an amazing experience!! Did your sister remember or ever say what she was pointing at or what made her so frightened?


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