In God We Trust

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Today’s Miracle Monday comes to us courtesy of Sister Cheryl Cervone from the Simi Valley Branch, California.

In a recent online church service from the Irvine Branch, Brother Jim Cotellesse and Brother Steve Kerby spoke of how our Lord works with us and through us in such a profoundly personal way. He is ever listening, always tuned in, and often responds in surprising ways, which I think of as “Godwinks” (can’t take credit for that one!).

Case in point: A couple of weeks ago, I was discussing with a dear friend and sister how sad and disappointed I was that I, personally, hadn’t heard anyone in the media say that they were praying about the pandemic or asking for God’s help or thanking Him for sparing them or praying for our nation, etc. Nada, zippo, zilch of a spiritual nature in the midst of this plague that has rocked the entire world.

So, I told this sister that if the media interviewed me, I would whip out a $20 bill and point to “In God We Trust” when they ask me how I’m handling the current situation. It’s printed all over our currency!

The next day after returning from my walk, I was rifling through the pocket of my jacket, which I do at least a half-dozen times a day. To my shock and amazement, a crisp, folded $20 bill tumbled out! Trust me, I didn’t put it there… My thoughts immediately went back to the previous day’s conversation, and I felt blessed, awestruck, and grateful!

Call it a small thing, but to me it was big. How kind and loving is our God. I was so humbled because I felt the Lord was pleased with what I had said. While I’m not expecting the media to knock down my door anytime soon, I — and my $20 bill — are ready! In God We Trust.

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  1. Brother Gary Thompson

    Praise JESUS for the small things which are huge to those who experience them. GOD Bless you Sister!!!


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