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Today’s Miracle Monday is a testimony of healing by Sister Theresa DeVincentis. If you are in need of a physical healing today, please take heart. All things are possible with God.

In January 2014, I had a blister on my heel, which turned into a diabetic ulcer. I had surgery to remove it, and my doctor said it touched the bone. After two weeks it became infected, and I had to immediately go to the hospital to be put on IV antibiotics. A culture of the infection diagnosed it as MRSA. I was anointed, and a few days later the doctor said it was infected, but that it wasn’t MRSA. I was referred to a vascular surgeon to see if blood was flowing to my foot, which it wasn’t. After they determined which vein was blocked, I had three surgeries to open the vein, clean out the infection, and insert a PICC line and wound vac to promote healing. I was scared and concerned that I may lose my foot.

That evening, my sister and brother in law, Brother Pete and Sister Janet Oestreicher, along with Brother David and Sister Lori DeLuca were in my hospital room when a uniformed nurse came in who said, “I’m not your nurse, but I wanted to stop in to see you.” She told us that God gave her a song the night before and that she would like to sing it to us that night. We informed her that Brother David was a minister in our church.

She then sang two beautiful songs, and when she was finished, I said, “I needed that.” She said, “I know, that’s why I was directed to your room.” Janet and Lori looked for a name tag, but it was backwards, and after she left, they looked out the door but she was gone. I never saw her again.

On April 2, while walking to my doctor’s office in the medical center, I nearly collapsed and was taken to the emergency room. The doctors weren’t sure what was wrong with me, and I deteriorated to the point that I was taken to the ICU and put on a respirator. I didn’t know anything for about three days, was seen by seven or eight specialists, and was hooked up to several machines and monitors.

My sister asked my primary care doctor, “Is she going to be OK?” to which he replied, “It will take a miracle to save her.”

When I started to wake up, one by one, the monitors were taken off me. I went to a rehabilitation facility to learn to walk again, and I was there for all of May 2014.

After a year, my sister suggested I see the kidney doctor to evaluate the pills I was taking. In May 2015 I saw the doctor, who asked if I ever followed up on the mass in my kidney, to which we both replied “What mass?” He ordered a sonogram for me, and the night before it was scheduled, Brother David Deluca anointed me, and Sis. Lori stated, “It’s already gone. It was gone with the first miracle.”

When I saw the doctor he said, “The kidneys look good. There is no scar tissue. The blood flow is good, and there is no mass.” He kept looking at the report, and I told him the mass was gone with the first miracle to which he replied, “Well, I don’t believe in miracles.”

I’m glad that I do.

I would also like to thank everyone for their prayers, cards, phone calls, and anointings I received, and I especially would like to thank God for all the miraculous healings He provided.

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  1. Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Thank God for such a beautiful healing!! We were very worried but what a blessing!!

  2. Joe Piroli

    Praise God! Thank you for sharing.


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