How We Sold Furniture Before the Internet

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Miracles | 5 comments

Today’s Miracle Monday is a testimony submitted by Sister Cindy Hood.

The U.S. was at war with Vietnam, and my husband, Emmett, had been drafted. After two months of basic training, we were heading to his final destination, Germany. We had to leave behind most everything we owned, including our furniture.

I telephoned a consignment store and the salesperson offered me $50 for all our furniture. They even offered to come to our apartment and pick it up. I was thrilled. 

I scheduled the pickup for the day before we were supposed to leave for Germany. I waited all day and made many futile phone calls, but the consignment store never showed up to get our furniture. 

We were leaving the next day!

Since all our furniture was disassembled, we decided to get a motel for the night and trust the Lord to work it out. We randomly picked a motel out of the Yellow Pages and tried not to worry about the loss of the $50 or the furniture we were abandoning—what would we tell our landlord?

The next morning, we heard a knock at the motel room door. We couldn’t imagine who it was because we hadn’t told anyone we’d stayed at a motel for the night. It was a man and his wife. I had never seen either of them before. They spoke very little English. The man asked if we had a box spring for sale.

“Sure, we have one at our apartment. I can take you there.” Emmett didn’t question the couple. He just took them to our apartment. 

When the couple saw that we had more than just a box spring, they offered Emmett $50 for all of it. 

Was this a joke? That was the exact same price the consignment store had offered. 

Emmett readily agreed, but he had to know one thing: “How did you find our name and motel? We didn’t tell anyone where we were staying and we randomly picked the motel from the phone book.”

The man told Emmett that at the grocery store there was a bulletin board with all sorts of advertisements and posters. On the bulletin board was a flyer for a box spring with our name, hotel and room number. 

We hadn’t printed any flyers. 

Nobody knew about our situation. 

But God did. 

We knew it was a miracle.

When There’s No Other Explanation…

Did today’s article remind you of a time when something miraculous happened? Something that had no other explanation except for God? Something that wasn’t even in the same ballpark as reality? We love hearing stories like these that glorify God and God alone. Please share your story for God’s glory, and we’ll publish it on a future Miracle Monday for all to read.  

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  1. Christina DiCenzo

    How Awesome is our God!!!

  2. Lori Kimmel

    Beautiful miracle!!

  3. Brother Gary Thompson

    Praise JESUS, HE is awesome!!!

  4. Barbara Henderson Weiner

    I remember this miracle!!! I love this story!

  5. Bro George Katsaras

    I was on the other end of such a miracle. I was on craigslist looking for a special type of hutch for my computer desk. When I went to look at one for $50.00 it had termites but I could see that the young couple was destitute with a small baby. So I told them that I could not buy it with termites but the look on the young mother’s face was so disappointed that I changed my mind. Her relief was so thankful that I knew just how destitute they were. I took the hutch home and sprayed It with insect poison and left it in the sun until the smell of chemicals dissipated; that was more than ten years ago with no sign of termites.


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