Going the Distance

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I am a distance runner. I have built up the endurance so that I can just turn my brain off and run for miles. When I enter a long distance race, I know that I’m in it for the long haul, so I can’t push as hard as I can go out the starting gate; otherwise, I’ll quickly lose steam. I need to pace myself.

The same should be true for my walk with the Lord. When I enter into that covenant with the Lord, I’m in it for the long haul — the rest of my life — until I (hopefully) meet Him face to face when my time on earth is up.

I can’t do all the work when I’m on that spiritual high right after baptism and think it will count for the rest of my life. I have to continue plugging away and doing what I can to serve Him.

It sometimes seems like life gets in the way of my service to God. But the same goes for any run training. I may trip and fall, but as long as I pick myself up and brush the dirt off, God is there waiting for me to resume the race.

So, this time, your homework is to continue building up endurance with your service to the Lord. Continue reading His word, fasting and praying, visiting the sick, mailing cards to those in need, and attending church services and meetings. Some of these things may be easier to do than others. If you struggle in one particular area, maybe that’s the area you should work on. Remember, the eternal reward is worth it!

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  • Sister Stefanie Callens

    Sister Stefanie lives in beautiful Colorado, where winter is not as bad as everyone thinks, with husband Chris, two beautiful daughters, and Jersey the dog.


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