From Mistake to Miracle

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Healings, Miracles | 10 comments

Today, we’re sharing a beautiful experience submitted by Sister Jan Offet. 

My oldest son and I were hired to power wash a home to prepare it for painting. 

We rented a power washer and began the job of working our way around the house. 

Unfortunately, the power washer we rented was defective, so about every 20 minutes, it would run hot and quit, and we’d have to let it sit and start again.

We did this multiple times as we worked to finish washing this house.

Finally we made it to the last corner of the home, and the power washer stopped again. By now, we were both so frustrated with it stopping. 

I reached down as I told my son, “Watch this,” and I placed my hand on the machine’s muffler, not thinking about how hot it would be, and I burned the skin off the palm of my hand.

He rushed me to emergency, and the doctor’s first question to me was “What can I give you for pain?” 

When I informed her that I couldn’t take pain medication because of allergies to those kinds of drugs, she placed my hand in a giant bowl of sterilized ice cold water so she could cut all the dead skin off my hand and bandage it. 

She told me she was very sorry, but I would be in great pain for at least a couple of days, being unable to take meds.

As my son was driving us home, I said to him, “You know, Ronnie, if God wants to, He could take all the pain out of my hand right now.”

And as I finished speaking those words to my son, the pain was gone.

When I saw the doctor a couple of days later for a follow-up to check for nerve damage in my hand, she was stunned that I had no complaint of discomfort of any kind.

I explained to her that God had the pain relief I needed. And my hand, despite burning through several layers of skin, had no nerve damage.

It was a beautiful example of how God works in our lives if we truly believe that He can do it. 

And it was a living example to my son who will never forget that day.

I am thankful that in my 62 years on earth, God has always been with me and continues to be. Today, the day I’m writing this, is my 43rd spiritual birthday, so it seems fitting to share just one of the many incredible miracles God has worked in my life.

Your Story for God’s Glory

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  1. Christina DiCenzo

    Praising God along with you for this miracle & 43 years strong in the Gospel. God bless always! 😊

    • Brother Gary Thompson

      Hallelujah. Praise JESUS our SAVIOUR. Matthew 19:26.

  2. Bro. Rich Nath

    Wonderful testimony. Praise God!

  3. Joann Cotellesse

    Reading this Sister Jan, gave me such a blessing. The fact God is with you all the way in Oregon is such a blessing. God bless you and thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous

    That was the key—to verbalize your healing thru your faith. Beautiful!

  5. Anonymous

    i.e., to vocalize your healing.

  6. Sister Jan Humphrey

    Thank you for sharing this awesome miracle. Praise God for His goodness and mercy!

  7. Heather J Duran

    Amen Sister! 😊 Praying for a Continuous Happy 43rd with Many More Blessings!!

  8. Carmela Gray

    A beautiful testimony to God’s grace and mercy to us.

  9. Restored Gospel Media Team

    Sister, we say to God be the glory.


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