Bread, Burns, and Blessings

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Today’s Miracle Monday comes to us from Sister Tracey Cuerrier, as she describes a miraculous healing that God did for her.

For me, there has been at least one advantage to the shelter-in-place order throughout the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Because of the shortage of several grocery items (especially one of my favorites, bread), I decided I would hone my bread-making skills!

One day, two loaves of bread were ready to be taken out of my oven. In my haste — in hindsight, lack of good judgment — I attempted to pull both loaves of bread out of the 450-degree oven at the same time. I had safely placed the one loaf in my left hand on the counter, and I almost had the other loaf in my right hand on the counter when the hot pad slipped, and the loaf pan fell on the backside of my entire forearm like a hot iron press. I was burned instantly from my wrist to the bottom of my elbow.

Within minutes, panic set in as I saw my skin already swelling and blistering. On top of all that, I was home alone. I can truthfully say — as much as I am no stranger to pain, suffering from chronic back pain even now — this burn was pain like I’ve never experienced. It was excruciating! I was literally crying out to the Lord in debilitating pain!

My husband, Brother AJ, was at work. I tried to reach him, not knowing he’d left his phone to charge in his office and wasn’t there to get my call. I knew I needed the Lord’s healing touch and the faster the better! I reached out to a brother and sister from my branch, and the brother prayed a Spirit-filled prayer while my sister got a prayer request out to the saints. Soon, I had help from my cousin and my husband (who had eventually received my voicemail) and, within an hour, I was at urgent care. They took one look at my injury and sent me straight to the hospital’s emergency room.

With the current Covid-19 protocols, I had to go in to the ER alone and would be alone for the duration of my stay there — something I wasn’t really looking forward to. However, as I entered the ER, I looked around, and there wasn’t another patient in sight. Not a single person in front of me at one of the busiest hospitals in the metropolitan area where I live. That’s unheard of, especially during one of the worst pandemics the nation has ever seen.

I really began to see the Lord’s hand of mercy at work as, within about 10 minutes, I was wheeled into a private room and was administered pain medication as swiftly as I had ever experienced before in my many ER visits over the years. They carefully applied burn salve, wrapped my arm, and almost as quickly as I got there, I was sent home with the warning that I should see a burn doctor ASAP to confirm the wound wasn’t infected and was healing properly. When I arrived home, I was anointed by a brother from the priesthood.

Within three days of the injury, the pain in my arm was almost entirely gone. I knew it was the hand of God moving on my behalf, and I knew it was the prayers of the army of saints who were going before the Lord for my sake, as well as my natural family. This HAD to be a miracle: There was no way a burn of that size and severity couldn’t be causing me more pain!

In the week-and-a-half that it took me to even get a Zoom appointment with a burn doctor, the blisters on my arm were gone and I had all new skin! The size of the burn had reduced to less than one quarter of the size of the original burn! The burn specialist was amazed as he saw the photos of my arm from day one, but was now looking at brand new skin.

By the end of the second week, you would not know I had ever injured myself! Truly a miracle! This experience renewed my faith! My heart was overwhelmed by the outpouring of loving support of the saints with their prayers, dozens and dozens of cards, phone calls, texts, and emails. I have no doubt that the Lord extended His mighty arm of healing and mercy to me. God is so good. I am so thankful. His mercies are new every morning. I will never forget how the Lord spared me from extraordinary pain and healed my wounds. I can never thank Him enough!

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  1. Denise DiFalco

    What a Beautiful testimony of God’s protection & amazing Love. Thank you for sharing, Dear Sister. May God continue to Bless you~

  2. Brother Gary Thompson

    Amen Sisters. What a awesome testimony of GOD’S Love.

  3. Bonnie Koleta Wells

    Heavenly Father is always near…some times I tend to forget how close He is…thank you for reminding me so beautifully!


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