Blessings That Sparkle

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Today’s Miracle Monday comes to us from Sister Barbara (Henderson) Weiner, who is relating an experience of her mother, Sister Dorothy Henderson who passed away in 2016. This is her testimony.

Sister Dorothy was baptized at the age of 16 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ all the days of her life. She lived her life for the Lord and found immense joy in this.

When Sister Dorothy’s mother, Sister May Burgess, passed away, she inherited her diamond wedding ring. One day while at work, she was washing her hands at the sink, and her ring must have slipped off her finger.

She didn’t realize it was missing until she got home that night. She was devastated from the fear that it would be gone forever and that she would never see it again. She prayed all night long and didn’t sleep a wink.

The next morning, first thing, she went back to work, went into the restroom, and there was the ring on the floor, against the wall, under the sink — with the sparkling diamond facing out towards her!

The restroom had been cleaned the night before, and God protected this precious heirloom for her to find the next day. She was so very thankful and grateful to the Lord for this huge answered prayer! She never forgot to thank the Lord for this miracle while testifying in the Anaheim Branch.

I’m thanking God today for her miracle and for all the amazing miracles the Lord so sweetly bestows upon us.

Never Forgotten

Do you cherish experiences told by family members who have now passed away. Let’s not allow these stories to pass out of memory. Tell us about an experience that you’ve never forgotten.

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  1. Linda Scolaro

    Beautiful experience from a beautiful sister.

  2. Sal Azzinaro

    Sister Dorothy sparkled as much as any diamond with the love of God. She loved to sing God’s praises. Will never forget her and Bro Otto.
    Bro Sal Azzinaro

  3. Barbara

    Thank you dear Sis Linda and Bro Sal! Love you.
    Barbara Xoxoxo


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