Blessing Bits: Similar Healings Years Apart

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Today’s article is from the Blessing Bits column from the September 2020 issue of The Gospel News.

When I was about 6, we were taking one of our family trips. We were coming home, and the car started to overheat, so my dad pulled over to check the radiator.

In those days, we had no antifreeze, so we used water in the radiator. He was releasing the pressure on the cap and it burst off and sprayed up at him, covering his face, arms, and upper body with boiling hot radiator water. He was in excruciating pain; we didn’t know what to do.

My mom remembered we had a bottle of blessed oil in the glove box. She put a little oil on each of the spots and told my brother and me to pray that God would relieve his pain. He drove us home that day, but we knew he was in pain. However, by the time we got home, his pain had greatly diminished. By the next day, he was doing remarkably well. He healed quickly with almost no visible scars.

When my mother applied the oil, she missed a few spots on the underside of his upper right arm, the arm he lifted the cap with. These three or four spots scarred—proof that God came to his rescue and not only relieved his pain and helped him heal, but also helped him not to scar. The only scars from the incident were the ones that did not receive the blessed oil.

Recently, my husband, Tony, and I were having our Saturday BBQ and I was cooking the tri-tip while Tony was making the rice and BBQ sauce in the kitchen. I reached up to close the lid of the barbecue. I miscalculated where the handle was and I touched the hot cover with the palm and thumb of my right hand.

The pain was excruciating, and felt like it was immediately starting to blister. I looked at the dial on the cover and it showed the temperature at 500 degrees! As you can imagine, my hand was on fire with pain.

Remembering the experience about my dad and the radiator, Tony ran for his blessed oil and applied it to my hand, and said a beautiful prayer.

During dinner, I could not even hold the silverware; Tony had to cut my meat for me. But by the end of the meal, my hand felt a lot better. The burning had diminished and it started feeling numb. I lay down for a nap and when I woke, there was a blister on my thumb, and the skin on the palm of my hand had a leathery strip across it, but NO blister and no pain! Thank God for His blessings and love for us.

By the next Sunday, the hand looked normal, as if nothing had ever happened.

–Sister Lucy DeCaro, Lindsay Branch, California

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