Would You Rather Be Kind or Right?

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There is a saying that has become quite popular and it goes like this, “ Sometimes, it’s better to be kind than be right.” It seems reasonable and appropriate — what can be wrong with choosing kindness over being “right”?

But, something about it bothered me and I didn’t know why. I struggled a little every time I heard it, and then I finally understood.

What if being “kind” means sacrificing truth? What if “peace” comes because we no longer let light shine on darkness? What if “kindness” is really allowing a lie to stand instead of God’s truth?

Are we really being kind then?

Eve did not value God’s truth; she disobeyed Him and chose to believe the serpent instead. Sin began with the acceptance of a lie and so did mankind’s separation from God.

Since Jesus referred to Himself as “the way, the truth, and the life”, and said the truth makes us free, clearly the truth is very important to Him. Yet, He also took advantage of opportunities to be kind to people. Here are some examples I find revealing of Jesus’ truth and kindness:

  • The woman caught in adultery (Jesus extends her love and mercy as she is about to be stoned to death for her sin and tells her “Go, and sin no more.”)
  • The woman at the well (He spoke openly to her about the truth of her life, that he had “living water” for her)
  • Zacchaeus (The Lord invites Himself to his home, and as a result of their time together, the life of Zacchaeus is forever changed)
  • The thief crucified with Jesus (He admits his sinful condition and asks for mercy, and Jesus in mercy replies, “Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”)

When Jesus found Himself with broken, sinful people, I don’t see Him looking the other way. When He spoke to them, it was always acknowledging the truth of their lives, and He valued their honesty in return. He then could share His eternal truth. He came to make them whole. He was the Savior, forgiving, merciful, and kind.

Scripture cautions me to not “exchange the truth of God for a lie.” My life, my voice should at all times be pointing others to the Lord and the truth of His redemptive love. That is always the right and kind thing to do!

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