For those attending GMBA Camp, it’s goodbye day. The morning is usually filled with hugs, tears, exchanging of phone numbers and emails, and the frantic packing of luggage. Some campers — particularly the younger set — didn’t get a wink of sleep last night, enjoying every last drop of fellowship time.

More than any of that, we believe that many campers are going home armed with important spiritual convictions, insights, and challenges that they plan to live out in their daily lives. This is the true spirit of GMBA Camp. The warm, fuzzy feeling that we have when we’re there is great. But it’s the takeaway that has lasting impact.

For the nine (as of our last count) souls in particular who requested baptism this week, the takeaway will be no less than life changing.

Thursday’s adult seminars centered on “The Wizard of Oz” theme “there’s no place like home,” so camp correspondent Sister Linda Scolaro decided that an appropriate question of the day would be “What does the phrase ‘There’s no place like home’ mean to you?”

Here are the responses she gathered.

Brother Mario Zaccagnini, Detroit Branch 1, MI – “It is the loving, encompassing, dedicated prayers of the saints when someone is in need.”

Sister Carrie Giovannone-Jordan, Tse Bonito Branch, NM – “Home to me is wherever God wants me to be. Where He dwells defines where home is to me.”

Brother Doug Obradovich, Oldham County Mission, KY – “Home is defined by safety, comfort, and people who love without conditions.”

Brother Craig Meo, Albuquerque Mission, NM – “Home is a place where you are safe, physically and spiritually. It is a place where you don’t have to feel embarrassed and you are feeling accepted.”

Sister Lydia Zaino, Edison Branch, NJ – “There’s two places for home: a natural home and a home of salvation. My priority is to attain my spiritual home in heaven.”

Brother Bryan Champine, Detroit Branch 1, MI – “Home is defined as comfort, no judgment or feeling like you can’t share. It is where you want to be.”

Sister Rebecca Zane, McKees Rocks Branch, PA – “Home is not only a place of comfort, but a place that spiritually feeds you like a natural home feeds you.”

GMBA Collage 5

Last but not least, we have a cute tidbit for you. Yesterday’s chapel began with five children who completed the GMBA Pin Recognition Program. The congregation cheered the children on as they accepted the pins (recognized by the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America) and certificates that show they completed the lessons that teach all of our ordinances and the faith of The Church of Jesus Christ. The children, pictured below, are Emily Seighman, Ethan Seighman, Louie Irwin, Benjamin Bicelis, and Micah Bicelis all from the Herndon, VA branch. Way to go!

IMG 0959

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