The Olympians of Scripture

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Are you still watching Olympic replays and highlights even though the games ended last week? We witnessed some remarkable feats at the Summer Olympic games. We’ve seen plenty of pictures that show the thrill of victory, and some, unfortunately, the agony of defeat.

This got me thinking about what sports some of the people from scripture would have participated in if the Olympics were held in those days. Leave your ideas in the comments below…

The 11 apostles. Working as a team, they’d dominate the field and go for the goal.

Alma and the four sons of Mosiah (Ammon, Aaron, Omner, and Himni). There’s a starting five I’d put up against any Dream Team.

Enos, enough said.

The men’s heavyweight gold medal winner set a world record with a total of 1,043 pounds ground to overhead (snatch + clean + jerk)! Samson could probably do more. Just don’t cut his hair.

Paul with all his missionary trips had to have traveled the farthest while spreading the Gospel.

Nephi. With God’s help and the Liahona, he guided the ship with his family halfway around the world to the Promised Land. He’d definitely be able to navigate the coastal waters of the host city.

Discus, shot put, hammer throw, or javelin
David. The boy could sling.

Noah. He was the best with animals.

Jonah. He was in the water longer than anyone.

Synchronized Diving
Naomi and Ruth. By following her mother-in-law’s lead, Ruth took a big plunge that paid off.

John. After Mary told him and Peter that Jesus’ body was gone, I don’t think Usain Bolt could have passed him to get to the tomb.

Job. No matter how hard he got hit, he got back on his feet.

There’s a lot of hoopla surrounding the Olympic champions, but isn’t it great to know that each of these scriptural heroes accomplished so much for the kingdom of God? Now, that’s something to cheer for.

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  • Brother Rich Nath

    Brother Rich lives in Katy, Texas, with wife Tracy, son Jack, and Penny the dog.


  1. Linda Scolaro

    In thinking of some women, Mary the mother of Jesus,would watch in the sidelines and be a supporter as she ponders things. If Moses was a participant, his sister, Miriam, would watch as well for his safety. Thanks for a great article.?

  2. Linda Scolaro

    …sorry didn’t mean to type ? Thanks for a great article!

  3. Suzanne Beeman

    Moses lead the Crew team to slice through the Red Sea

    Esther canoe slalom around some difficult situations pressed by time to reach her goal–save her people.

    Guess I am partial to the water sports.

  4. Jared S

    I think Jacob (Israel) could have been a good wrestler, before his hip injury of course.

  5. Suzanne Beeman

    Very clever.

  6. Sister Michelle Watson

    Love these comments! Nimrod and Nephi could’ve faced off in archery. Laman and Lemuel would’ve been the ultimate sideline hecklers.

  7. Anonymous

    Love this blog!! Such a cool concept! I would think that Soloman would be one of the judges.

  8. Suzanne Beeman

    so funny

  9. Jared S

    Saul wins at javelin!


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