Spread the Good Word: Romans 8:6

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If you Google, “how to have peace,” here are some of the top results:

  • How to Find Inner Peace: 15 Things You Can Start Doing Today
  • 40 Ways to Create Peace of Mind
  • How to Find Peace of Mind in 4 Simple Steps
  • 13 Steps to Inner Peace (Even in a Busy Stressful World)

It’s no secret that we are a people who are searching for peace. The world is indeed busy and stressful and filled with things that rob us of the very peace we seek. People struggle with anxious and depressing thoughts that trouble them without end. We want to find peace, and we want it to be a simple fix. (Notice that most of the headlines above include actionable steps?)

Well, we are exploring the theme of “Simplify,” so we do, in fact, have a simple suggestion to promote inner peace.

Today’s Good Word tells us that a spiritual mind is a peaceful mind.

When we focus on the spiritual side of things and let everything else go, we “declutter” our mind and simplify what’s allowed in. Things that burden us, weigh us down, and distract us will always keep knocking, but, over time, we get better and better at bouncing them.

Satan loves when we open the doors of our mind wide to any and all thoughts, especially the nasty, vile ones. Then he can wreak havoc on our peace. Even though our outward life may appear unchanged, on the inside, we’re getting tossed around to and fro.

We long for the steadiness of mind that comes with peace. But no gimmicks or tricks will get us there. A spiritual frame of mind is key, according to Romans. And that’s a discipline, a habit requiring intentional development, as well as God’s assistance, without which we can do nothing. But the great thing about habits is that they eventually become second nature — thank you, Lord. We have hope that we can experience more and more peace as we align our mind more closely with Jesus.

Simple, right? (Simple but not easy.)

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1 Comment

  1. Rosemary Banes

    Wonderful Share .
    Yes Inner Peace is very Important for a Human Being to sustain .
    The more you be IN CHRIST the more Peace you shall obtain.

    Romans 8:6
    The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.

    If you want to know who Jesus Christ is follow ChristNow.


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