Spread the Good Word: Romans 6:23

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What do all the kids ask each other the first time they see each other after Christmas? (Nobody teaches them to ask this question. They just ask it.)

“What did you get?” 

Or maybe, “Did you get what you wanted?” Or “Did you get anything good?”

Chances are you’ve probably heard kids discussing the things that were waiting for them underneath the Christmas tree on Monday. 

Can you imagine what Christmas morning would look like — for kids and adults — if we all got what we really deserve? If the number and quality of the gifts under the tree actually reflected how we rank on a nice-naughty list? If this were the case, then kids probably wouldn’t be so keen to ask, “What did you get?” 

Thanks be to God that we do not have to receive the wages of our sin — that we do not get what we deserve. Thanks be to God that He sent His Son Christ to exchange that just repayment for the greatest gift possible — the gift of grace and eternal life. 

No matter what you or your kids found under the tree this year, we can all be thankful for the gift of sacrifice that Jesus Christ gave to us and to the world. 

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  • Brother Rich Nath

    Brother Rich lives in Katy, Texas, with wife Tracy, son Jack, and Penny the dog.


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