Spread the Good Word: Romans 12:9

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Abhor: to regard with disgust or hatred

Synonyms: loathe, detest, despise

Today’s Good Word reminds us how we’re supposed to feel toward evil. We’re not supposed to admire that which is evil. Or acclaim that which is evil. Or applaud that which is evil. We’re supposed to abhor that which is evil. 

How do our actions measure up to this commandment? We all like to think that, of course, we despise things like murder, lies, and sexual impurity. But why are we watching that TV series about a serial killer? Why aren’t we putting the correct information on our resume? Why do we have that vile meet-up app downloaded to our phone?

If we abhor evil in theory, then let’s make sure our concrete actions reflect it — even when it comes to things that society in general has grown to accept. 

Instead of dabbling in evil, let’s cling to that which is good. Let’s choose godly entertainment when it’s time for R&R. Let’s always tell the truth, even if nobody’s checking. Let’s shut the door firmly against any type of impurity.

Who is watching? Our Heavenly Father.

“Oh, be careful little eyes what you see.

Oh, be careful little eyes what you see.

For the Father up above is looking down in love.

So, be careful little eyes what you see.”

Thanks for the Good-looking Graphics

We want to send a big thank-you to Sister Melissa Dulisse, who is now designing our Good Word graphics. Tune in every Friday to see her great work. 

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