Spread the Good Word: Joshua 1:8

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We hope that today’s Good Word inspires you to be a more dedicated student of God’s word in the New Year. In case you missed all the hints we’ve been dropping this week, the Gospel Blog team has an awesome idea to help you do this … and we can’t wait to tell you about it! Tune in on Jan. 12 for the exciting announcement. We hope that you’ll be game to participate. 

In the meantime, here’s your final clue!

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Calling for Testimonies of the Restoration

If you didn’t read Tuesday’s post, we’re embarking on a year-long quest to collect testimonies related to the restored gospel and the Book of Mormon. Has the Lord given you a special testimony that affirmed your faith in these things? Did the Lord lead you to this church in a miraculous way? Please share it with us so that it can be a blessing to others. 

Love Miracles

In addition to our ongoing request for restoration testimonies, we’re also continuing with Miracle Monday. February’s theme is love. Send us any experience that has to do with love — God’s love, the love of the saints, etc. Click here to send your story.

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