Showing Our Love: Key 1

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Today, we’re bringing you a brand-new three-part series from Brother Rich Nath called Showing Our Love. 

Almost three years ago at my job, I was hired to help build a service culture training course. Of the 3,000-plus customers we have in a specific sector, there are fewer than 100 that have joined an elite network. Those in this network offer the same types of facilities, services, and product offerings that all the others outside the network do. 

So, what makes them elite? The answer is their customer service. In the course, the other two trainers and I tell each team we visit that there are three key things that need to be done to create this elite difference.

I’ve taught this course about 25 or so times in the last eight months. Each time I do it, the Holy Ghost speaks to me about how what I’m teaching about isn’t just for business. It can be applied spiritually as well. 

Jesus told His twelve disciples after He washed their feet that, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another,” (John 13:35). 

For us as followers of Christ, instead of customer service being the differentiator, our love is. 

Let’s look at the first of the three keys from this training course and see how it applies: 

Key 1: Recognize the opportunity to wow a customer and take it.

There are two steps to this one. First, I must recognize there’s an opportunity. Then, I must take action. In the business world, an example would be a customer coming into the facility talking about how they are disappointed because there is a big game on right now and they don’t know the score. Without hesitation, the service provider turns a nearby TV to the game. He gently points out to the customer that the game is on and invites them to make themselves at home and watch. The opportunity to please the customer is recognized, and then the action is taken to do it. 

Here’s an example at church. 

One of the saints is having a conversation with a friend, and a couple comes into the sanctuary. Our saint, we’ll call him Brother Bill, notices that this couple seems to be a little on edge. Their body language is suggesting this is a new place, and while not afraid, they definitely don’t feel comfortable yet. 

We can probably all relate to that when we’ve gone somewhere new, regardless of it being another branch of the church, a new store, a friend’s house we’ve never been to, etc. 

At this point, Brother Bill has a choice. He can go take his seat and get ready for the service, or, before he does, he can introduce himself to the mystery couple and help them feel at home. Brother Bill relies on the Spirit and goes to introduce himself. 

He finds out that the couple are Brother and Sister Williams. They are on vacation and found out that this branch wasn’t far from where they were staying. So rather than miss church while they were away from home, they decided to visit a branch they’d never been to before. 

Brother Bill learns during the conversation that the Williams are newly baptized members. This is the first time they’ve been to a branch outside of their own, and they’re a little shy. So, he offers to sit with them and help them feel right at home. This brings a big smile to their faces, and they enjoy a wonderful spirit throughout the day.

“Recognize the opportunity to wow a customer” can be translated to “Recognize the opportunity to show love to someone.”

The second part of that, in business and in church, remains the same. Recognizing isn’t enough. Nothing happens if I just recognize the opportunity. I need to take the action; I need to do something about it. I need to show that love, not just recognize the chance to. When I do, blessings will abound for both parties and the “customer,” whether a brother, sister, or friend, will want to keep coming back and being a part of The Church of Jesus Christ.

Next time, we’ll review the second key. Stay tuned. 

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