Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Like me, you’ve probably been there before — kneeling before God at a crossroads in life asking whether or not you should make a move. It could be any type of move: a new house, a new town, a new state, a new job, or all the above. Regardless, I want God to be the centerpiece of the move. I don’t want to do something that’s against His will because I know His will is what’s best for me.

At the same time, my own thoughts and feelings are creating a bias in one direction or another. Maybe I’m really excited about a new job opportunity and can’t see any negatives at all about moving. Or, maybe I’m fearful of moving out on my own for the first time and would rather keep the status quo. When I go to God in prayer about the situation, I need to try and stay levelheaded, as that’s when I’ll hear the Holy Ghost speak to me.

I think Jacob (Israel) felt this way after learning that his son Joseph was alive and well in Egypt (Genesis 45-46). After traveling to Egypt the second time for food, Joseph’s brothers found out who he was, second in command to Pharaoh. He sent them back to Canaan to bring Israel and the rest of the family to Egypt so they could live there until at least the famine ended.

At the end of Genesis 45, Israel resolves to go and see Joseph, after he’s convinced that his sons are telling him the truth about Joseph — Israel’s sons had lied to him years earlier and said that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal.

However, at the beginning of Genesis 46, it states that he took his family to Beersheba and offered sacrifices to God. While there, he was given a dream where the Lord told him not to fear about going to Egypt. God said that He would make Israel a great nation there and bring them out again. He also mentioned Joseph in the dream, confirming he was alive.

Based on this, I believe Israel probably had reservations about leaving Canaan. Why else would God tell him not to fear? I think the bias of staying put at home and the fear that his son was dead were highly present in his mind, but he obviously turned it over to the Lord for His direction. Once the way was clearly pointed out, off went the family to Egypt where God kept His promise and turned the small group of about 70 into a mighty nation.

I think of myself and how 16 years ago this month God showed me that I needed to move from Pennsylvania to Texas. Although I had a few reservations, just like Israel, God made it clear to me that moving was His will. I didn’t hear a voice or have a dream, but the Holy Ghost spoke to my heart and let me know it was His will. I couldn’t tell anyone at the time why I had to move; I just knew that I did. And so I followed the Lord’s direction and have been here ever since.

So, whenever I come to the proverbial crossroads in life, I just need to ask God if I should change or stay the course. It may take some time, but He’ll always point out the way and show whether I should stay or go.

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  1. Linda Scolaro

    Beautiful article. Words I needed to hear having been at the crossroads and coming to another turn again.


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