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Today’s Miracle Monday is an amazing story that lives up to its title. This one happened in the Levittown Branch and was submitted by Brother Jerry Valenti.

It is a sad fact of the times we live in that many of us are affected, either directly or indirectly, by an epidemic known as addiction. A number of young people from our area have died in recent years as a result of addiction, typically in the form of a drug overdose.

This epidemic claimed another victim just a couple of weeks ago, on Friday, May 26, 2017, when a girl named Xenia, the 19-year-old daughter of one our Levittown sisters, was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious and unresponsive in her home.

Xenia was anointed in the ICU, and we were told that she, at the very least, had brain damage but that the doctors wouldn’t be able to assess the extent until she regained consciousness — probably not until the next day. However, Saturday came and she didn’t wake up; nor did she on Sunday or on Monday. Finally, the doctor delivered the sad news to our sister that her daughter would not be waking up — there was no brain activity. She was told to pick a day to turn off life support and go ahead and make funeral arrangements.

Our sister selected Saturday, June 3 as the day her daughter’s life would end. She informed other family members throughout the country, and they purchased plane tickets to fly in on Friday to see Xenia one more time and then attend her funeral.

With five days to go until the life support would be turned off, the Levittown Branch felt moved to go into prayer and beseech God for a miracle, the only thing that could possibly make any difference at this point. We had a special prayer for Xenia at our Wednesday night meeting.

On Thursday morning, our sister was on her way to the funeral home to confirm details of when the body was to be picked up, to select an urn, etc. As she drove, she received a phone call from the hospital. The doctor said, “Um, you should probably hold off on funeral arrangements. She’s opening her eyes and responding to commands!” God had performed a miracle!

The entire focus in the ICU now changed as doctors began working to bring her back instead of letting her die. Family members who had been indifferent to the presence of the ministry in the hospital now embraced us and declared that a miracle had occurred.

The out-of-town family members arrived on Friday. With no end-of-life to witness on Saturday, they instead came over to Levittown Branch where the Levittown Revival Weekend (supported by the Q70 domestic team) was in full swing. These people filled two rows of the church, and they stayed for the entire Saturday afternoon meeting, hearing the restored gospel preached for their first time.

During our Sunday service on June 4, updates were texted to us during the meeting, which were shared with a large congregation. Life support was in fact turned off on Sunday — a day later than originally scheduled — except now it was to life, not to death. Xenia was breathing on her own!

As this is being written, on June 9, Xenia is now fully awake, recognizing her family members and even able to speak a little! She has a long way to go but her progress has been remarkable!

We praise God for this miracle. Occurring as it did right about the time of our revival weekend, we can truly say this has helped revive us all spiritually.

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  1. Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Wow!! This is truly amazing!! Thank God! He is so good!

  2. Aaron Nolfi

    God is still on his throne and performing miracles daily, PRAISE GOD!


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