Redefining Forever

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One of the latest issues of National Geographic looks into death and the ability to revive people from the dead, bringing them back into the land of the living.

The article tells a couple stories of people who have come back after some sort of trauma and of other people who did not. But then it asks the question, “How can death, the very essence of forever, be reversible?”

Reading this around Easter, I felt that this question is very powerful and convicting.

When I read it, I read it as, “How can death, the very essence of forever, be reversible if not for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ?”

In essence, He defeated the single thing that we cannot.

But, not only did Jesus Christ beat it, He also redefined forever for us.

And death and “forever” can seem like dark, deep places in our very human minds.

But then, when you remember that Jesus died and rose and that now death means “forever.”

But forever with Him.

In paradise.

The concept that Jesus not only beat death but redefined our very futures for us is, quite frankly, mind blowing.

To defeat our enemy and redefine our future around His victory can truly only be described as glorious. When I think back to wars and battles of history, after each victory, the futures of the nations in war (and the global community) were changed based on the outcome of that struggle.

However, in the case of war, not every adjustment after the conflicts was good. And each one had repercussions, both good and bad.

But with Jesus’ defeat of death? What bad repercussion is there? What can I possibly complain about when I have eternal life in paradise?

The answer is nothing because Jesus has redefined my very own forever with His defeat of death.


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    Sister Alena spends her days traveling around PA advocating for good public policy and attends the McKees Rocks Branch in Pittsburgh, the greatest city in the world.

1 Comment

  1. Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Sis. Alena, I really appreciated your take on that question! It was really cool the comparison and the redefining. Great blog!


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