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by | Nov 30, 2021 | Lessons from the Nursing Home | 3 comments

If you read the Gospel Blog, then you probably know that I work in a nursing home walking with people. One particular lady I had the pleasure of walking with was the cutest little thing you ever saw: a Christian lady who had her Bible on the bedside tray table, the Hallmark channel on the TV, lots of “God bless yous” coming out of her mouth, and a smile always on her face. 

Unfortunately, this little lady had also spent a lot of her life dealing with chronic pain and had become opioid-dependent. This means she was addicted to her pain pills. 

One day, while I was walking with her, her nurse came into the room to let the little lady know of a change to her pain pill schedule.

This cute Christian lady displayed a 180-degree change in countenance, attitude and…well…everything. 

This lady started cussing! And it wasn’t mild cussing; she was dropping the bomb! And she probably used that word seven times in three sentences! 

Being a churchgoing guy myself, I should have been offended, but I must admit I was trying not to openly laugh (as I was cracking up inside)! The Hallmark channel on the TV changed itself to horror channel, and the Bible all of a sudden burst into flames (just kidding)!

The nurse shortly returned to the room and reported that the medicine change was just a mistake, and the pills would be on schedule as normal. The lady quickly returned to her usual, pleasant self, as if nothing had happened. 

Now, I do not mean to make fun of this lady. I want to point out that the nurse “pushed her button.” 

Do you have a button like that? Something that would cause a nuclear explosion if somebody pushed it?

If so, I would suggest looking deep inside to see why that button exists. If you let Him, God can remove that button, that addiction, that jealousy, that fear, that whatever the underlying cause is. 

Take it to Him.

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  1. Ish Humphrey

    I always enjoy Brother Ps articles.

  2. Christina DiCenzo

    Cute story with much food for thought and absolutely the right answer to defusing that anger button. Thank you dear Brother for sharing this wonderful real life lesson.

  3. Betty Dorazio

    Excellent, excellent.


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