Sometimes on Monday I can feel a little weary and unfocused. I should be revved up and ready to go, but my heart and mind don’t want to leave the weekend: worship; fellowship; time with family; opportunity for catch-up, rest, and relaxation. Monday comes and it’s back to the races: work, schedules, appointments, deadlines, agendas. Sometimes it’s just plain hard for me to shift gears to re-engage in what my weekdays bring.

For Peter and the disciples, Monday found them hiding behind closed doors, afraid of the political unrest that followed the crucifixion of their beloved Master and friend. For three years, He had walked with them, teaching them, challenging them, encouraging them, and loving them. Then, suddenly and brutally, it was over. The reality of his absence was shocking and numbing; betrayal and denial were hurtful and cause for deep and humbling introspection. How were they supposed to move forward?

During their grief, confusion, and mourning, Christ came to them. Miraculously, He HAD risen from the dead. He WAS alive; He HAD given them His Spirit; but there was still so much they didn’t understand. Seeing him again, they wanted to cling to him. They felt returning joy; they felt renewed excitement. But as suddenly and miraculously as He appeared, he was gone, and it was like Monday all over again.

Going back to what they knew, “Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a fishing. They say unto him, We also go with thee. They went forth and entered into a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing.” (John 21:3) It was a long and unsuccessful night.

“Children, have ye any meat?” a voice called from the shore…”Cast the net on the right side of the ship and ye shall find.” (John 21:5-6) Weary, yet true fisherman at heart, the disciples cast their nets one more time — just in a different direction. That’s when it happened: the biggest catch of their lives! More importantly, when they recognized and sought the Lord, they found that He was actually still with them: teaching them, challenging them, encouraging them, and loving them.

We’ve all been there — Standing on the doorstep of a Monday in life: an unwanted trial with no end in sight, a gaping hole in the heart because of the loss of a loved one, a hurt that remains unresolved, loose ends that just can’t seem to be tied up, off track and unsure how to get back. The struggle may be as simple as finding peace and joy in the everyday trenches of life.

As disciples of Christ in the latter days, the answer for us is no different than it was for those who walked and talked with Him. He continually beckons for us to: look to the right (SOZ 51); run to His arms (SOZ 64); climb higher (SOZ 39); feast with Him (Saints Hymnal 127); seek His wisdom and understanding (SOZ 70); sing praises to Him (SOZ 27); find satisfaction in His care (SOZ 83); draw strength from His precious storehouse (SOZ 80).

The Lord is always there. He knows exactly what we need. His way is always prepared. He is ready to provide more abundantly than we can begin to imagine. Our job is simply to make sure we are seeking in the right direction — no matter where we find ourselves.

So how has He lifted you on a “Monday morning”?

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  • Sister Ruth Marie (Curry) Gehly

    Sister Ruth Marie lives in McKean (Erie), Pennsylvania, with the love of her life, Brother Joel. Now celebrating 35+ adventurous years together, anticipating many more to come!


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