Miracle Monday or Blessing Bit?

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God still performs miracles today. Agree or disagree?

I think many of you would agree that this statement is true. We see evidence of God all around us — in the beauty and order of the natural world, in the love we share with the saints, in the Holy Spirit that works on and in us when we hear or read His word.

But there are times when this “evidence of God” becomes strikingly clear in our lives. Something extraordinary happens, and there’s no satisfactory explanation other than God moved on our behalf.

We describe these instances as miracles, experiences, gifts, spiritual encounters. Chances are that God has moved on your behalf in a special way.

You may be familiar with the fact that some Christians believe that God performed miracles in days of old but He doesn’t perform them anymore. This belief is generally referred to as cessationism — that divine gifts ceased with the 12 apostles. There are various forms of cessationism, but that’s the gist of it.

One of the reasons why we have Miracle Monday is to demonstrate how God works in our lives today, whether in subtle or overt ways. It’s so encouraging to hear how the Lord is blessing the church, especially for those who may be going through a time of doubt or discouragement. (Remember, the times when God feels farthest from you are often the times when He’s most keenly interested in your development and discipleship.)

In a sense, Miracle Monday is a repository of this “evidence,” and as we gather more and more, it makes a strong case for the continuation of God’s miracles in the latter days.

Do you have a special testimony to share? If the answer is yes, then you may be wondering, “Do I send it to the Gospel Blog for Miracle Monday, or should I send it to the Gospel News as a Blessing Bit?”

The answer is simple. If you can summarize the experience in roughly 150 words, then it’ll make a great Blessing Bit for the back cover of our church newspaper. If you need more words — 200 to 500 — to describe what happened, then it’ll make a great Miracle Monday.

We believe God’s gifts haven’t ceased. Can you add your evidence to the case?

Click here to share a Miracle Monday story here on the Gospel Blog, or click here to share a Blessing Bit with the Gospel News.

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