Let’s Get up and Walking, Saints

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Today’s article is another installment in Brother P.’s column, “Lessons From the Nursing Home.”

My job mainly consists of getting the residents in a nursing home up and walking. A part of my job that I find particularly challenging is the situation in which someone has the ability to easily get up and walk, but he just doesn’t want to. (In contrast to the guy who has two broken legs and two broken arms and is recovering from a heart attack and a stroke, and all he wants to do is work hard so that he can walk.)

The person with the ability but not the drive — that’s the one who fights and fights and fights, using every excuse, every reason why he shouldn’t get up. I tell these folks that walking is good for them, rehearsing the multiple bodily systems that benefit.


I then invoke the authority of the physician who ordered the walking.


Then I ask them — If their child or grandchild was sick in bed with whatever ailment they have, would they think it would be a good idea for their child or grandchild to just stay in bed? (Often they chuckle at this argument, but the result is still that they won’t get up and walk).

No! No! No! A thousand times no!

I wonder if God ever feels this way — His own creation not wanting to follow His instructions.

I am too busy to make a commitment to the Lord … “I will simplify your life.”

I already have too many burdens … “My burden is light.”

I am too sinful … “I have already paid for your sins.”

The path may be hard … “I have left you a rod of iron to hold tightly to and lead you.”

I am worried … “I will give you peace” … etc and etc…

What is the walk that you need to walk? Do you need to take on another role at church? Is there a young one who needs a mentor? An older one that needs a little time? How about your prayer life? Reading? Tithing? Do you have a million excuses even though God has given and will give you the ability to get up and get walking?

Well then, lets get up and get walking.

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  1. Suzanne Beeman

    OUCH! Direct Hit!
    I have said that I am not always the most perceptive person. If you want me to know something, sometimes you need to hit me with a brick. I see that God has sent me a brick.

    Thank you so much for your extremely timely blog. I am humbled that God took the time to tell me NO MORE EXCUSES.

    Truly blessed by the messages of the Gospel Blog and to be a saint in The Church of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for your words and making a positive difference.


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