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Ever get discouraged because your church branch or mission is so small? Just the same few people at the meetings. How could it ever grow? Who would want to join a church with so few people?

If you think it’s difficult to grow from a small number, then think about the challenge that faced John the Baptist immediately after he baptized Jesus. Not counting John himself, the number of people who believed in Jesus at that time was exactly zero.

So, how does John begin to spread the gospel? He picks out two of his friends (Andrew and Philip) and says, “Let me introduce you to Jesus.” The two men spend a day with Jesus, which results in both of them being convinced that Jesus is the Messiah. So, the number of believers has immediately grown by two (John 1:35-40,44).

Andrew then reaches out to his brother, Simon Peter, saying, “We have found the Messiah, which is, being interpreted, the Christ. And he brought him to Jesus” (John 1:41-42). The number of believers has grown by three.

Philip finds his friend Nathanael and tells him, “We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph” (John 1:45). The number of believers has grown by four.

See how easy this is?

Wait a minute, wait a minute. These men had a huge advantage, right? Jesus was right there with them. They knew Him. They were able to introduce others to Him. He was able to speak for Himself such that people were convinced. If we had this same arrangement, we would be able to spread the gospel too, wouldn’t we? Well, is our arrangement really that different today?

Do we know Jesus? Is He with us?

For each of us, there was a time when we didn’t know Jesus. But then we met Him, got to know Him, grew to love Him, and finally gave our lives to Him in the waters of baptism. So, we do know Jesus. He’s the one who gave His life for us and the one who will advocate for us on judgment day. And after we were baptized, we received the Holy Ghost, the Comforter that Jesus sent to take His place within His followers. So, Jesus is with us constantly. 

Even though Jesus is not physically on the earth at this time, He is still here — within each of His followers.

Are we able to introduce others to Jesus?

The most effective way to introduce someone to Jesus is to have them get to know you — as long as you are living a life that exhibits the light of Christ. If you are, then the way that you live your life — the love you show to others and the visible ways that God blesses your life — will comprise a very attractive package. Let others see how a person lives when they know the Lord, and you have effectively introduced them to Jesus.

It’s also helpful to know enough about the scriptures (as Andrew and Philip did in the verses referenced above) to be able to explain why you believe the way you do. However, even if you feel challenged to be able to speak about the scriptures, you can always invite people to “Come and see” (John 1:46) and let the ministry and other church members share in introducing someone to Jesus.

Is Jesus able to speak for Himself?

On the one hand, it could be said that when the Holy Ghost teaches you what to say (Luke 12:12, John 14:26), then your words represent Jesus speaking for Himself.

However, the most powerful way that the Lord speaks for Himself is through the miracles and answered prayers that we experience. Be quick to share these with others so they will see what the Lord can do. Offer to pray for someone’s individual situation and, when the Lord answers the prayer, make sure the person understands what has happened. This is how Jesus can speak for Himself to those who don’t know Him.

When Nathanael was introduced to Jesus, the Lord told him, “Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man” (John 1:51). It’s a pretty bold statement — we can be just as bold when we show confidence that prayer can make a difference in someone’s situation.

So, let’s not feel sorry for ourselves if our church is small. Rather, let’s make sure that we know Jesus, that we are capable of introducing others to Him through the way we live our lives, and that we have the faith and confidence that the Lord can speak for Himself. If this describes you, then go ahead and pick out someone you know who needs the Lord in their life and say, “Let me introduce you to Jesus.”

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  1. Janice Gaulin Romano

    This message is spot on in that I was inspired by the saints of this church, The Church of Jesus Christ to open myself to the Holy Spirit. A short time after we met 9 years ago, my husband, Carl simply invited me to come to church with him. My thought was “wow! How many Christian men are there who actually go to church on a regular basis.” What was this guy all about? Note that we were both in our 70’s when we met and I was an active member of another church.

    It was a little strange at first, different and small in comparison to my church. Well, I was intrigued so continued to attend with him for six years. Never in my mind was I going to switch. I would go to my church every Sunday and then meet him at his for Sunday service. My husband did not push me to join instead telling me one had to be “called” and please don’t join simply for his sake.

    Again, I had no intention of converting. I had thoughts that this church was “too strict.” Frankly, it scared me. I continued to attend regularly both Wednesday and Sunday meetings with my husband for the six years. I didn’t realize it then but I was absorbing information about the bible in a new way. For many years, my religion did a reading from the Bible every Sunday and gave a sermon regarding same. It was not Sunday school or MBA or any real class about the bible. They have come a long way and do have Bible study nowadays.

    Carl and I did get married after dating for about a year. We are snowbirds; he gave me the choice to get married in Florida where we were at the time or to wait until we returned to Michigan. I chose Treasure Coast Branch and we were married two weeks after he proposed. I flew my small family in for the occasion.

    So, we were married. I stopped going to “my” church and only attended with Carl at “his” church.
    We went on this way for six years until one particular Sunday. We dressed and finished up some last minute preparations as we were going to have ten people coming for dinner right after church. It’s something we did together on a regular basis, inviting our church friends to our home. All my thoughts, of course, were on the mechanics of dinner. Little did I know what God had in store for me.

    Sunday school began. Brother Paul Lambert was teaching about love; love your neighbor, love your enemy, love yourself and so on. I had our collective grown kids on my mind among our concerns for them. All of a sudden, I was crying uncontrollably, shaking, my heart pounding. I could not stop. I don’t even remember the break between Sunday School and the Meeting. I was sobbing and sobbing trying to be discreet about it. Then the Meeting started. All the sermons seemed directed to me. I sobbed even harder, still shaking and heart pounding.

    Just as sudden, a wave of love overwhelmed me. It was the very obvious love of the saints for me that has been there every moment I spent with them and even when we were not physically together. An additional wave of how beautiful they were living the bible, being an example to others so naturally without a thought, just doing as God commands them. All this through Jesus Christ. Just as this article talks about. In this case, it was many inspiring one more – ME!

    I could not contain myself once testimony started. Heart pounding, shaking and sobbing, I shot straight up and said, “I want what you have! I want to be baptized.” Somehow I had no doubts any more. It was the right thing to do! I was baptized the very next week, August 12.

    You know, I heard other people talk about the Holy Spirit’s entering them the same way but my skeptic brain said it was a hallucination. I am here to tell you, indeed, no hallucination.

    Carl and I have been blessed with this miracle to complete our union so beautifully. I know that God directed us to each other for His greater purpose.

    and there is so much more to this story….

    • Brother Gary Thompson

      Amen Sister. GOD Bless you and Brother Carl. What a Blessing you both are to us.


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