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I’ve carried this note in my briefcase for years, so it’s now tattered and stained. It still brightens any day when I read it because it was a powerful love note left on my pillow by my little boy who witnessed his mom have a really bad day.

Not knowing how to fix things for me, he offered up sweet stress coping techniques, including letting me borrow his prized “slime.” For those not familiar with slime, it was a gelatinous concoction sold in plastic containers by toy stores. It served no purpose other than letting it ooze through your fingers, which the elementary age crowd found mesmerizing.

Logans letter

The act of love demonstrated in his handwritten note felt more luxurious than diamonds to me and was the perfect medicine I needed.

Children, with their pure hearts, have an incredible ability to sense and show love. This month we asked them several questions about love, and this is what they had to say.

Yucaipa, CA

“Love is when _____________.”

Isaiah G. (7 years old) – someone is being nice and caring.
Josephine S. (3) – Daddy takes me special places.
Adam L. (5) – people be nice to each other.
Calani Y. (8) – my grandpa takes care of me at church.
Caileen Y. (10) – my grandpa gives me money.
Chloe T. (4) – I get toys.

Lakeside, AZ

“What is the most loving thing you’ve seen someone do for someone else?”

Robby (9) – Tina taking care of Lehi.
Fara (9) – To pray for others.
Dylan (8) – Pick someone up when they fall.
Zandell (8) – Caring for people.
Prudence (7) – Giving someone a hug.
Isaiah (4) – Hug.

San Diego, CA

Yaneli (4) – Love is when you give someone hugs and kisses.
Andrea (5) ¬– I cuddle my dog to show him I love him. I smile at my mom and dad to show them I love them.
Dominic (9) –¬ Love is when you call someone to make sure they made it home safe.
Silvia (10) – Love is when you spend time with someone.
Nicholas (10) – Love is when you keep someone safe. The most loving thing I have seen is Mom and Dad kissing.
Lily-Grace (10) – I’ve seen love in action when my mom and dad kiss. Love is when it’s Valentine’s Day. The most loving thing I’ve seen someone do is call people to see if they are doing okay.
Marc (11) – Love is when you would do anything for each other. The most loving thing I’ve seen someone do is die for each other. One time I saw love in action is when my mom and dad called each other to say sorry.
Alyla (11) – Love is when you give your mom and dad kisses and hugs.

Columbus, OH

Love is when ___________________.

Anna (6) – someone is hugging you.
Elijah (9) – you give someone a kiss.
Braylin (8) – I give my mom flowers.
Ava (9) – someone is hugging you.
Olivia (8) – The most loving thing I’ve seen is when you make someone smile.

KQM Feb collage

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  • Sister Vicki Ali

    Sister Vicki is an introvert extremely thankful to share life with an extroverted husband and three fun, older kids and a sweet senior Cocker Spaniel near Pittsburgh, PA.


  1. Linda Scolaro

    I love the children’s perspective. They are always watching. 🙂

  2. Enza Pusillo

    These are just so precious, “love is when you keep someone safe” or “pick someone up when they fall”; how perfect. It’s a blessing to see that they know “love” isn’t just a feeling but a verb with hands and feet.


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