In the Midst of Chaos

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If you’re anything like me, you don’t handle chaos well. My first instinct in the midst of chaos? Freak out. Next? Tell people I’m freaking out. Then, take things into my own hands. “Woman up.” Power through. (Or at least try.) If you’re nodding in agreeance, you know none of this really works.

Why, when I have the most high God on my side do I try to control chaos myself? God says, “Be still and know.” But let me tell ya, not my forte. I don’t have a long attention span. I’m not patient. And sitting still is like, my least favorite thing. On top of that, bad as it sounds, sometimes I have a hard time believing that what I don’t think is possible, really is with Him.

Lately, He’s been sending me this message from all sides. I feel Him telling me to loosen my grip. That it’s easier for Him to mold me if I surrender instead of resist.

It reminds me of a dream my mom had a few years ago when my family was going through a “perfect storm.” Sister Flo’s words:

“I had a dream that Dad, Chet and I were waiting in our Jeep at a service station without our seat belts on. Suddenly, the car took off flying backward through a brick wall at over 120 mph through crowded city streets. People and cars were everywhere!! I was in the backseat and I said to them, ‘Hold on, just hold on.’ About a minute later, we backed right into a parking space that was perfectly placed for us, and we didn’t even have to pay the meter. I was so excited, I ran outside telling everyone, ‘Did you see what God just did for us? AND the parking was free!'” Then she added, “And by the way, it was a spot on the corner with no one in front of us, which told me that He will open a way when it’s time to move forward.”

“Wow” is right. Now, if you know Sister Flo, you know she plays harp and piano in New York City where it’s practically impossible to find parking. Like, ever. Yet, God ALWAYS answers her prayer and opens up a spot. Which is why this dream is so cool. God spoke to our family in a way that was totally unique to us. But allow me to point out a few hidden gems He snuck in there — I like to think those are for you:

Flying backward = Have faith even though you can’t see.

The parking space was free = He paid for our sins.

“Hold on, just hold on” = Stay close to God when you don’t know what to do.

The spot was perfectly placed = His will (and timing) is perfect and always the best for us.

At the end of the dream, we were still = He calms our stormy waters.

My hope is that you remember this dream when you’re feeling out of control. That you wouldn’t freak out, like my first instinct, but relax in His peace, knowing it’s not just luck that steers us out of chaos, but His masterful hands that gently guide us through.

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  1. Sharon Sloan

    Such a blessing to read this article. Perfect timing for me.


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