If you want help, then hand it over

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“I’m here.”

“I need your HELP!!!”

I do not respond. 

“I need your help PUH-LEEEEEEZ!

“Okay, how can I help?”

“These two Lego pieces will NEVER come apart! They are stuck together FOREVER.”

“So, how can I help?”

“Please get them apart!”

“Sure, give them to me, and I’ll pull them apart.”

I reach for the offending-stuck-together Lego pieces (two of those slim squares…they really ARE hard to separate—if you know, you know). 

As I reach for the Legos, my son draws them back, hugging them close to his chest, fingers curled protectively. Eyes suspicious.  

“Charlie, if you want my help, you have to give me the Legos.” 

“Can’t you just TELL me how to get them apart?”

“Not really.” 

“But I don’t WANT to give them to you!”

“I know, but you have to. After I separate them, I’ll give them right back.”


My son’s behavior is illogical. I can’t physically help him separate the Legos if he won’t put them into my hands. I want to tell him he’s being irrational. I can’t help you if you won’t let me. 

As I watch my kid clutch his problem, refusing to give it to me, afraid that I can’t be trusted…I feel God convicting me.

How often do I demonstrate the exact same behavior when I need help? 


“I’m here.”

“Help me pleeeeeeeeeease!”

“Sure, give me the problem, and I’ll handle it.”


It’s insane how similar the two scenarios are. 

But I’m not 6 years old. I’ve given my life to Jesus. I’ve read lots of scripture. Done tons of praying. Felt His Spirit. Seen Him work in my life and seen Him prove Himself faithful and good over and over again.

Why won’t I trust Him with my problem?

There are probably many reasons, and here are just a few:

  • I don’t know HOW God is going to handle my problem. What if I don’t like His methods?
  • I like being in control, and I don’t want to give that up because it scares me. 
  • Giving it to God feels like a personal failure. I should be stronger and smarter than this.

The bottom line is that I forget that God is good, and I forget that God is powerful

When I lose sight of His goodness and His power, then it’s logical for me to trust in myself more than Him. I want Him to help MY WAY—I want a scenario where He magically fixes it, and I don’t have to relinquish any control whatsoever.

But, when I do remember that God is good and powerful, I unlock a higher spiritual mind. I realize that, even though I’ve been screaming at Him to help, deep down, I’m not willing to accept help on His terms—to really put the problem into His hands. 

Once I humble myself before Him, then I can finally hand it over. How do I do that? 

Before searching the Internet for advice, I search the scriptures for wisdom. 

Before rushing to consult a professional, I rush to be anointed. 

Instead of slipping into a downward spiral of worry, I pour out my heart in prayer and re-memorize Philippians 4:6-7. And I let God’s peace keep my heart and mind steady and safe from Satan’s lies.

Even though it’s scary, I stop clutching the problem so tightly. I acknowledge that if I want God’s help, then I’ve got to trust Him to be the good, powerful Father that He is. I realize that the best thing I can possibly do is put my problem in His hands. I do it willingly and intentionally, over and over every day, trusting Him to sustain me and see me through.

The ocean’s deep, Lord, and very wide,

With many dangers, as on I ride.

So be my captain, and be my guide,

And take me safely, across the tide. 

“The Sea So Great, Lord, My Boat So Small”

No. 52 in the Songs of Zion

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee.” –Psalm 55:22

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