I’ve Got the Joy: Camp Snapshot Day 2

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Today’s article comes to you from GMBA Camp at the University of Redlands, California. The theme for the week is “Peace, Joy, and Strength in Righteousness.”

The whole week is geared toward unpacking the overall theme, but each day has a specific focus within the theme. The seminars and speakers all tie things back to that day’s topic.

We’re going to give you a snapshot of what each day held for the campers, from the daily topic to inspirational quotes from the speakers to some fun facts and photos. We hope this helps you feel like you’re here experiecing it with us to some degree!

Today’s Topic

Today’s Scripture
Philippians 4:4: “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.”

Who’s Who

Camp Director: Brother Chuck Maddox, Jr.

Assistant Camp Director: Brother Tanner Ivey

GMBA Officers: Brother Jim Lambert, Brother Jason Monaghan, Brother Tom D’Orazio

Memorable Quotes

“Get your crab legs.”

On Sunday evening, Brother Jason Monaghan asked the young people, “You ever been to a buffet with all kinds of food?” Well, if the buffet serves crab legs, you can bet there aren’t any left … because they’re the best, and everyone goes for them first. Brother Jason encouraged the young people to get their crab legs this week. Feast on the good things — the best things. Don’t go to the buffet and leave hungry. (The wonderful part is that God’s Spirit never runs out.)

“Get let down by the world.”

In his chapel address on Monday, Brother Michael Watson talked about how so many people try to find joy in the things that the world offers, but those things are always going to let you down. They won’t provide the true joy that you yearn for. Only God and His Son Jesus Christ can guide you to true joy — the kind that isn’t a letdown or an empty promise. Brother Michael said, “Be let down by the world. When you are, the path is clear for you to find Christ and the true joy that’s in Him.”

“Choose Joy (Jesus Overwhelms You)”

During the Monday evening meeting, Brother Chuck Maddox, Sr. challenged the congregation to choose joy even when life is difficult. He turned the word “joy” into an acronym where the letters stand for Jesus Overwhelms You. True, overflowing joy comes from Jesus — even in times of trial. Instead of letting the bad things in life get us down, we must, in those moments, ask Jesus to lift us up. It’s not something we can do ourselves, and joy is not something we can self-manufacture. It’s a gift from God.

Fun Facts

Number of people registered: 623

Top 3 branches that sent the most campers:

  • Mesa, Arizona (66)
  • Bell, California (54)
  • San Diego, California (52)

Number of room keys lost: 2

Number of room keys found: 2!!

Today’s high temperature in Redlands: 96 degrees Fahrenheit (wowza!)

Welcome to Campus!

GMBA Camp 2018 4

The beautiful green space in front of Memorial Hall, our main meeting place. 

GMBA Camp 2018 5

GMBA Camp 2018 6

Brother Tom Liberto, Jr. introducing the seminar leaders at Monday morning chapel. 

Joyful Faces

GMBA Camp 2018 8

Little ones ready for a day of fun!

GMBA Camp 2018 7

A brand new camper ready to go to his first-ever seminar!

GMBA Camp 2018 9

It’s HOT out here! Thank you, Lord, for shade!

GMBA Camp 2018 10

There are almost a couple dozen babies under age 2 at camp. Yield to oncoming strollers.

GMBA Camp 2018 11

Shuttle service cuts down on walking time from place to place.

GMBA Camp 2018 12

All fun and games!

GMBA Camp 2018 14GMBA Camp 2018 14

We’ll have more for you tomorrow! Look forward to hearing from some of the campers, learning more about the theme, and seeing more fun photos.

This article has undergone ministry review and approval.


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