I Can Because He Can

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“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Has there been a time in your life when you felt like you couldn’t do something? When you felt like giving up? Were left feeling discouraged? No matter what happens in life, Christ wants us to know that we CAN do ALL things through Him.

This is one of my favorite Bible verses. It has brought me through many obstacles in my life. I held this verse close when my dad passed away, when my husband was deployed, during the ups and downs of homeschooling, and at many other times in life. My favorite part of this verse is that it says ALL things. Not some, not just certain things … but ALL. It’s so powerful!

I have this verse hanging up on the wall in our homeschool room. I want our children to see it as a daily reminder. I want them to always know that when they feel like they “can’t” do something, that they CAN. Its also there as a reminder for myself. When I feel discouraged, I know that I CAN. When there are days that I question myself, I know that I CAN.

We CAN because HE CAN!!! He gives us the strength we need. All we need to do is ask. He is right there with His hand extended out to us — we just need to grab it. He may help us differently than we pictured, but know that He knows best and always has a plan for us. He will comfort us and gives us the strength needed to get through ALL things in life.

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  • Sister Colleen Moore

    Sister Colleen Moore lives in the beautiful Ohio countryside with husband Jake and three children.


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